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  1. Hello, please someone help me on this error. Screenshoot: I dont know why this error, i've installed MTA Server on the same OS, but I have never encountered an error like this, usually there is no problem in the setup. Linux version 3.2.0-4-amd64 (debian-kernel@lists.debian.org) (gcc version 4.6.3 (Debian 4.6.3-14) ) #1 SMP Debian 3.2.82-1 Debian GNU/Linux 7 (wheezy)
  2. Solved, its working on Debian VPS But doesnt work in Windows 7 ( tested in localhost server ) Thank you Ayush Rathore & Nexus
  3. How to do it ? I dont understand
  4. Hello guys i have a problem with custom maps, the problem is about the col distance, for example read this.. I have a base in SF with 3 floor, and i put a vehicle inside the base in floor number 3(the highest floor), then i'm out from the base and go to LV, and in 5 minutes, i'm back to the SF Base, im checking the floor number 3 but theres no vehicle, but i have an vehicle before im out from the base, thats the bug, if you guys doesnt understand please comment because i need to fix it I found the problem , the problem is map col distance, the map col doesnt spawned on client but the
  5. Original database in dayz/database.db I want to copy the database automatic by console to dayz/database_backup/ but its doesnt work
  6. Hello i tried to change the object size of gate, but it's doesnt work. i see the mta wiki there's no tutorial on serverside. local gate = createObject ( 16775,2389.1000976563,1984.0999755859,55.799999237061, 0, 0, 0 ) if ( gate ) then setObjectScale ( gate, 20) local state = 0 function move() if state == 0 then moveObject ( gate, 1000,2389.1000976563,1984.0999755859,75.799999237061) state = 1 elseif state == 1 then moveObject ( gate, 1000,2389.1000976563,1984.0999755859,55.799999237061) state = 0 end end addCommandHandler("tailubau21357329", move )
  7. Thank you Ayush, i'll test it and i'll back on a minutes. EDIT: DOESNT Solved Doesnt work, output on the console is same within the first post
  8. Anyone can help me ? error in while backup database.db and copying file towards 'database_backup' folder Console output: [2017-03-11 15:47:55] WARNING: [mod]\dayz\login.lua:813: Operation failed @ 'fileCopy' [Unable to copy database.db to database_backup/11.3.2017_15.47.55_K05XBrN100.db] Here's function inside login.lua function baseCopy() local randomName = randomString(10) local time = getRealTime() local second = time.second local minute = time.minute local hour = time.hour local monthday = time.monthday local month = time.month local year
  9. Hi guys i'm trying adding vehicle spawn on shared.lua ( shared.lua it's a place for add vehicle spawn.) like this : --Police Car LSPD --{vehicleid,x,y,z,slots,maxarmour}, {596,1602.1999511719,-1608.1999511719,13.39999961853,20,1000}, {596,1820.5,-1106.1999511719,23.89999961853,20,1000}, I've goto the cordinates, but there's not Police Car LSPD, I've delete database.db and restart the server but there's not LSPD Car too. Full show of shared.lua vehicleSpawns = { -- {vehicleid,x,y,z,slots,maxArmor}, --Picador {600,-2045.8000488281,1838.1999511719,44.7999992370
  10. Hi Ayush Rathore, thank you about the information, i'm using using getpos resource to get the cordinates, but nice information, thanks.
  11. Hi, i've try this script in serverside and clientside is does'nt work. This is the original script: local gate = createObject ( ObjID, Pos_X, Pos_Y, Pos_Z, Rot_X, Rot_Y, Rot_Z ) local state =0--this is the state, if 0 gate closed if 1 it's open function move() if state ==0then--it's closed so open it moveObject ( gate, Time, New_X, New_Y, New_Z)--Time means how fast the object'ill be moved. state = state +1 elseif state ==1then--it's open so close it moveObject ( gate, Time,Old_X, Old_Y, Old_Z) state = state -1 end end addCommandHandler("gate", mov
  12. Download link please? i need it database editor for edit & fix, pls.
  13. I want to start dayz script but its cancelled by a script, anyone can help me please? Console say 'Start up of resource cancelled by script '
  14. Hello, my name is Robby, can someone tell me how its happend?? my friend and me trying to change dayz item name in inventory.lua survivalsystem_client.lua survivalsystem.lua and spawn.lua, can someone tell me how to fix this bug ?? please. Screenshoot: : Thank you so much bro! I have been trying to change setCarFlipDistance to 1000-2200 its doesnt work, and i have been trying change setFogDistance to 550, same, its doesn't work { BY THE WAY I CHANGE IT ON survivalsystem_client.lua }
  15. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That my survivorSystem_client, can you tell me which script must fixed?
  16. Hello, my name is Robby, I'm here for asking abot MTA DayZ gamemodes, my gamemodes can't dead, idk why, can you tell me wich lua must re-edited? thank you.
  17. can anyone tell me, how to remove server version?? or change server version
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