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  1. Any help that if player leaves the zone it will stop capturing and remove %? or if another team enters it , it stop captures and removes %
  2. Server Problem

    u registered St1ckerMan? and restarted the server?
  3. @IRBIS Thanks , checkyour msgs
  4. I think i went wrong somewere, just help me out
  5. [TUT]Creating Welcome message

    Hey i am new to scripting Wiki is helping me alot lets start
  6. spwan with parachute

    Try this im new to Scripting but Wiki helpeda bit function giveWeaponsOnSpawn ( theSpawnpont, theTeam ) giveWeapon ( source, , 1 ) -- Gives the M4 weapon with 200 ammo end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), giveWeaponsOnSpawn ) -- attach the event handler
  7. Server Problem

    Group Admin under <object name="resource.acpanel"/> put <object name="user.St1ckerMan" /> and save and restart server
  8. Server Problem

    under Admin add<object name="user.St1ckerMan"/>
  9. What do you mean and btw i'm new to scripting
  10. Client Server So the problem is when a cop kills the player they go jail location and lose there guns but there not in dimension or injail. please help
  11. Help! I want when Cop kills Crim they go Jail!

    addEventHandler( "onPlayerWasted", getRootElement( ), function() if playerIsArrested then onPlayerWasted sendPlayerTo Jail exports.jail.sendClientMessage( sendPlayerToJail, 2000, 1, source, 0, 0, 3 ) i end ) Help me out
  12. Hello can anyone help me with the code if cop kills criminal they go jail?ty
  13. Help! I want This Image on Wanted Players

    @IRBIS how can i make the image smaller, and check your messages
  14. Help! I want This Image on Wanted Players

    Still giving me error, can u do it and send me? Okey ty its works, can i make it smaller?the image i mean
  15. Help! I want This Image on Wanted Players

    ERROR: ArrestCuffs/cuff-c.lua 'wanted_playes' (a nil value)