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  1. Knuck

    Mask Bug

    Im just saying you need the stolen NGSQL
  2. Knuck

    Mask Bug

    @LilDawage When you steal maybe steal NGSQL too I have this fixed.
  3. - New Jobs - - Prostitute - This job when you take it , you are able now to enter player vehicles and it will send them a requests if they want to have sex if they accept you get teleported to a secret rooms , where some stuff happens - Bus Driver - This job when you take it , you are able now to spawn a bus and type /busroute it will start a mission, when u drive around to these markers you earn 500$
  4. Thank for your opinion please can you tell us what's need adjustment S and some ideas
  5. ~ Updates ~ ~ FFA ~ Free For All ~ Hey today i have released a new update! so cool free for all ! let me explain it, so basically when a Staff member starts the event and you join you go to an lobby, mapped by our mappers thanks to them!, when your in the lobby you can buy weapons or prepare for the war, when the staff starts it, they spawn 1000 meters in the air with a parachute when they land they have 300 seconds to go to the safe zone, if not they die, the leftover in the safezone must kill each other to determine the winner! very simple and like PUBG
  6. ~ Updates ~ ~ Daily Status ~This is the server daily status in players today we hit atleast 33 players! yay. waiting for you!
  7. ~ Updates ~ ~ C.I.A Agency ~ These are the top law. no fear team. this job allows you to taser any criminal. even if he is violent. they are very powerful, They earn a salary up to 50k!, but you must have atleast level 25! ~ SAEG Projectile Dealer ~ This is basically a ped that sells guns to players, that wish to buy he sells , Molotovs , TearGas , Satchels , which are not available in ammunation ~ Forums V2 ~ We have released a who new forums look! check it out. ~ Daily Status ~ This is the server daily status in players today we hit atleast 29 players! yay. waiting for you!
  8. moved to here
  9. Yes. please remove the others thank you. this is the main one now.
  10. Facebook group officially added.
  11. Knuck

    Help Jobs bugged

    :Oing obviolusly when take the job in 5 miliseconds he will be kicked from it...
  12. Knuck

    Help Jobs bugged

    function firstscript (player) if not getElementData(player, "Clan", "CIA") then exports.Messages:sendClientMessage( "You Have to be part in gang for take it ",player, 255, 0, 0) setElementDataplayer,"Job","Unemployed") end setTimer(firstscript,50,0)
  13. As an inspired roleplayer I come here with an RPG Server , SAEG has been created by a few guys on purpose to give players what they need. Actually we offer you a great adventure which you won’t see anywhere else. We have variety of jobs, different type of groups such as - Clans - These are groups that are both law and criminals, they have acesses to all jobs. Squad - These are groups that law , they have acesses to all law jobs. Gangs - These are groups that are criminal. they to also have acesses to all jobs "except" law jobs. - Don’t make your dreams leak out of your mind and make the come true ! SCREENSHOTS Some trailers Everything began at 30.3.2017, after being slaves of server full of unfair admins, unfair players which are looking forward to scam you three guys got sad that they are part of such community, one of them gave the idea to create their own server, they thought about it and here we are, the server exists.They didn't know if the server will go well or they will spend their money for nothing but they took the right choice and now they have an awesome server with great players which i am sure you will enjoy to play with and have staffs available at your aquantace anytime. - SAEG:RPG IP Adress: mtasa:// SAEG:RPG Forum Link: Record: 87 players-Daily players: 10-20 -Gamemode : RPG / CnR Contact Information Facebook Page Discord server ; Join us now ! We'll be glad to have you !
  14. Knuck


    Problem ~ When it runs, it shows for everyone, when removing stars, it removes everyone stars, client trigger for everyone, Intension ~ Evade script, if player is wanted, then it stars timer and removes the wanted when timer ends, Code ~ function evade(player) local players = getElementsByType ( "player" ) for theKey,thePlayer in ipairs(players) do local level = getPlayerWantedLevel ( thePlayer ) if ( level > 1 ) then triggerClientEvent(thePlayer,"StartEvadeTimer",thePlayer) end end end setTimer(evade,1000,1) addEvent("removeEvadeStars",true) addEventHandler("removeEvadeStars",root,function() setPlayerWantedLevel(client,0) setElementData(client,"Charges",0) end) CLIENT~ local x,y = guiGetScreenSize() local sx, sy = x/1280, y/768 addEvent("StartEvadeTimer",true) addEventHandler("StartEvadeTimer",root,function() addEventHandler( "onClientRender", root, showRobTime ) Time = 10 tick = getTickCount() end) function showRobTime( ) if getElementData( localPlayer, "ArrestedBy" ) or getElementData(localPlayer,"Jailed") == "yes" or isPedDead ( localPlayer ) then removeEventHandler("onClientRender",root,showRobTime) return end if getTickCount( )-tick >= 1000 then Time = Time -1 tick = getTickCount() end dxDrawText(Time.." seconds left ", sx*69, sy*728, sx*187, sy*758, tocolor(254, 0, 0, 255), 1, "default-bold", "left", "bottom", false, false, false, false, false) if Time <= 0 then removeEventHandler("onClientRender",root,showRobTime) triggerServerEvent("removeEvadeStars",localPlayer) end end
  15. Knuck

    getPlayersInTeam help

    How can i make if there are an ammount of members in a clan there aka if there are 5 terrorists, then outpu that message format : getElementData(source,"Clan"