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  1. A: The moon orbitting pieworld, 8.2ly from here Q: BIFF POWER?
  2. Thats because it uses ASE for server retrieval, but ASE no longer exists, if you want to find servers check on
  3. I noticed you were using the irc echo script, which inturn uses the irc module, which have had past experience with and just giving you a heads up if it starts to mess / crash your server
  4. Modules will eventually crash the server and you will encounter errors with them, something to do with lua garbage collection iirc, it has been resolved in dp3
  5. Read the link that got posted, would help if you opened your eyes at the obvious and also search the forums Above is the link to the race server setup, the link below is for deathmatch ... ver_Manual
  6. Brophy

    Effective developing?

    It was a semi-public test and alt+tab was disabled during these tests, for error reporting etc
  7. Could you post how you resolved it, for people who get this error and search the forum
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    Can you stop posting a new topic for everything you want to say, please keep it to one topic, as for your question, please search the forums using the SEARCH BAR, there are already converters that can be found on here
  9. Nah, there is a NO-CD exe for all versions of the gta_sa.exe but people wont get any help or support for using them here
  10. viewtopic.php?f=64&t=23406&p=285733&hilit=map#p285733
  11. A: Yes Q: Shall we bury him, burn him or eat him?
  12. I've actually been watching you scarface1994, you do seem to be increasing your posting lately and a few have been useless replies, even if someone does bump an old topic with something useless, I will clear it up, Posting a reply "YOU JUST BUMPED AN OLD TOPIC" does not help and does not contribute to the thread at all. You do not need to go about "saying you bumped a topic", "stop spamming" or reply to someone saying they are sorry for breaking the forum rules as thats our job (moderators), We have the report button if you need to report someone for breaking rules and we have a PM system. P.S. Willy is right, the topic is less than 3 months old and its a guy asking for help concerning a resource in the resource's actual thread and please just read this reply, you do not need to reply to it
  13. A: Affirmative Q: Why is paul sniffing dog faeces?
  14. It can be ran on Linux with Wine, ... ux_big.png , Search the forums, there is bound to be some info about it
  15. A: Captain Bumblast Q: Who left the toilet seat up while having a poo?
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    Thank Blokky

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    They will reply when they view the topic, people dont sit on the forums all day, also please do not post more than once, take this as a warning as next time you will be restricted from posting on these boards.
  18. Wait until someone answers your post, and dont post more than once, take this post as a warning, as you will be restricted from posting next time
  19. The MTA Team is always doing something, even tho its may seem slow, you have to remember that they do have lives and most are at university/working, The progress count was removed was because it was never accurate, you could get to 99% of completion and get knocked well back by a bug