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  1. Got that one now, tho mine is red
  2. There were removed because people took the piss with them and they also slowed down the site, specially for people on lower connections that had the wait for the images to load <_
  3. Brophy


    Please keep on topic, otherwise other threads like it will be locked and seeing as this has been answered, it shall be closed.
  4. You should install the directx update from the microsoft website instead of indiviually getting the files, also try deleting/renaming the 'gta_sa.set' file in 'My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files folder before trying anything else
  5. ... terior_IDs Also, most people use the interior of the planning department as the bank
  6. wait, do you crash while you are already in game while joining a server? or before you go in-game? your post is confusing, also it your game just doesnt start up either in sp or mp, then go to My Documents then in the folder GTA San Andreas User Files and delete the gta_sa.set file in that folder and try SP again
  7. Search google for "gta process killer"
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    Ask permission from the people who run the server, if they say no you will have to do it yourself, tho it would be kinda lame to try and copy another server's work
  9. ... laylang=en Use this to get the dx updates, d3dx9_41 is part of it
  10. You can either pay for a dedicated server and host it yourself, pay a company to host your server or just host one for free from your home, but your net and computer must always be on
  11. You need your computer or the computer its running on to be switched on, the reason some servers are on 24/7 its because they are on dedicated servers, which are run/always on 24/7. Computers that are kept on as long as they are looked after can last just as long as ones that get turned off everynight.
  12. Try this function enableGuns ( source ) local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( source ) setVehicleGunsEnabled ( theVehicle, true ) end addCommandHandler ( "guns", enableGuns ) You should try it both clientside and serverside, then report the error on
  13. Brophy


    Its not currently available, however you could record or extract the sound from sp and use it when we are on v1.0
  14. the randoms numbers are so that people dont spawn inside each other
  15. Install the latest directx files and visual c++ runtimes
  16. A: 3 plus a wall of feces Q: Who should the monkeys throw feces at first?
  17. Because the variable 'id' is local to the if statement in the loop, so remove the local
  18. A: Inject liquid spam into B.L.A.S.T's veins Q: Are you with me?
  19. Try your problem in your proper language, maybe someone here will understand your dribble
  20. A: I SAY MAXIMUM WARP TOO Q: Disgrace! Why do I need to double post get people posting here again?
  21. Nub, my mum has that!!!!11! GIRLS PHONE!11!!!!!1!one Nah, I just left it at your mum's house LOL1!!!!oneone!11eleven