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  1. OMG, I'm so touched! <3 to the max toady!
  2. Well if you need webspace, svn or whatever, just look me up, but I assume that Callum has all that ready anyways if you need it?
  3. Any idea when the website will be up and running?
  4. OMG, Epic! Hopefully be using this in November for VCES/SAES's 9th Birthday! Gd luck guys!
  5. A: Does Talidan count? Q: If x=ham and y=penis, what is z?
  6. EPIC, I've voted every year and I'm glad all the hard work has finally paid off!
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    OMG, HAI PAL! /me shags rocket_guns catch us on irc pal if you get time! and we still got running
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    CPU: Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz RAM: 6GB OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 Platinum Low-Voltage Triple Channel (7-7-7-19) Windows Version: Windows 7 Professional 64bit (Build 7600) Mobo: Gigabyte EX58-UD3R Graphics Cards: BFG GTX 285 OCX Click image for some more specs: Click images for a proper look:
  9. Windows 7 Professional (64 Bit) - Click pic below for PC Specs
  10. Modding and Cheating using third party stuff will get you banned from most servers and you will not get any support for it here as its not tolerated. Further decision about it will get you banned from these forums.
  11. Just a note, SQL is the correct way to go about login and account management, Do not rely on the built in one with MTA, its ok with a few accounts for people who want to use the Admin resource, but the server writes out the file 'accounts.xml' every time a player joins or quits, it locks up until its finished. If there are 100's of accounts, this can take several seconds, and can cause "Network Trouble" messages to appear on all connected clients. Also you do not need to retrieve anything for login tbh, just store players username and password in the same table and check if you get a hit by calling both username and password at the same time, so if you used executeSQLSelect to check the player_data table to find the username where both the username and password matched the ones entered into the gui, you could set that player as logged in via setElementData or better yet, store his username via setElementData, then can retrieve his username with getElementData and query the database again Example: (You would need to write your own client <-> server functions to check what was entered into gui etc) Example Keys: executeSQLSelect = check MTA Wiki for information about this function and arguments usernameVar = username passed from gui passwordVar = password passed from gui player = player who is trying to login -- Just part of a 'function' for login process queryLoginInfo = executeSQLSelect ( "player_data", "username", "username = '"..usernameVar.."' AND password = '"..passwordVar.."'" ) if ( #queryLoginInfo ~= 0 ) then local userAccount = setElementData ( player, "username", usernameVar ) if ( userAccount ) then outputChatBox ( "You are now logged in as: "..usernameVar, player ) end else outputChatBox ( "Login Failed", player ) end You could then check the SQLite db for anything else associated with that username by using getElementData on the player you wish to check and using what it returns in a sql query, that way a player will still have the same username, and able to change ingame names etc Hope you understand and that I haven't confused you hehe.