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  1. We have already informed Infinity of what he was using of ours when he joined our discord, to which he stated 'report us to MTA and let's see how much they'll do for that'. We wish all the luck to any servers starting up, just not when our gamemode scripts are being used. Infinity has previously used our gamemode to start his own server up, to which he has admitted, but now he informs us that he has done his new server from the ground up, however, we still found some of our content there. We just ask our content be removed and that's it. Obviously, this forum isn't the place to
  2. Hopefully removing its stolen content.
  3. MTA is aware and the server's owner and ISP hosting it has been contacted. Failure to remove our gamemode/scripts will end up with the server being blacklisted by MTA.
  4. Brophy


    Haha, I'm good man, thanks. How's yourself? What you been up to?
  5. Brophy


    Hi @VCES>Burnz , how you doing? A few of us are still about! Vinnie, Vision, Ron, Myself.... https://saesrpg.uk is the web address now but http://vces.net still forwards to it. Just had new software, so you will need a new account (all old stuff can be found at https://archive.saesrpg.uk) Drop by the discord if you want to chat VCES/SAES Discord: https://discord.gg/MR64u4T Bastage Discord (Can find some of the older guys there): https://discord.gg/pc4dumT
  6. A. Yes, its when @Ransom founded the religion of meatspin. Q. Who is crazy enough to post a picture of it on the forum?
  7. Stop using stolen scripts. You wont get support for them here.
  8. ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ Y U NO MAKE MP MOD YET?!
  9. What this pack consist of then? Clientside scripts that have been downloaded via joining servers or stolen resources?
  11. If she was right in your face and you turned around, you wouldn't be facing her to kiss her!
  12. A: NO ONE, GET OUT! Q: Magic Beans or Magic Carpet?
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