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  1. Hey, I'm wondering if the files linked in this forum can be made available? aru.mtasa.com is unfortunately unreachable due to HSTS, but I am interested in getting the development resources for aru's GTA IV ScriptHook. I know this is a bit off-topic, but I can not find these files anywhere else and they seem to be hosted on your servers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Fierelier

    is Possible?

    Yes, definitely! There is different ways of doing that. You can raise weapon damage by using setWeaponProperty or lower the player's health by using setPedStat. If you need more control (applying more damage for headshots, etc), you could also use onClientPlayerDamage and apply extra damage by using setElementHealth. If you are going with the onClientPlayerDamage route, always check if the source is the local player. Damage in MTA is applied if the client is hit on their screen (by default).
  3. I don't think I can pull off what I want with findRotation3D (unless I'm missing something). I'm looking for a way to get a relative offset for an object, so I can, for example, make an object roll forward/backward/left/right correctly.
  4. Go into the meta.xml of the mod-resource and add: <download_priority_group>-1</download_priority_group> You can see an example here. There you can also find more info about download_priority_group. Hope this helped!
  5. Hello forums! I've been working on a project of mine, and I'm in need of a function which is similar to getPositionFromElementOffset (scroll down to examples). I can't wrap my head around matrices at all, and I would love to have a similar function, but with rotations instead (getting a rotation offset from an element). Would someone be able to help me out? I'd be very thankful!
  6. veh = getPedOccipiedVehicle(localPlayer) Ya misspelled something: it's getPedOccupiedVehicle. Make sure you use /debugscript 3 when testing your scripts. It often helps you find mistakes like this. Also use client instead of source in the server-side code, as the sent player can be manipulated. You should also calculate the val on the server side, not client side. The client can just manipulate the number to be whatever. Never trust the client. Ever. With all the proposed changes I gave you, you can also make the script fully server-side. This is untested, but should work (server-side)
  7. That is not even remotely correct. A lot of native game-functions are not useable from MTA's provided funtion-set. Also, I'm pretty sure he was speaking of applying client-mods like the widescreen patch. Even if you could recreate it with MTA's functions (granted, it's mostly possible), the server would have to have it installed as a resource. Seeing as certain versions of ENB are allowed, I think this should be added. Perhaps allow admins to whitelist certain .ASI mods by using a list of md5-keys. The client can enable/disable the initialization of .ASI mods in the settings (disabled by
  8. As it requires another game to function, it would have to be added as a mod of some kind.
  9. It is already possible for clients to make themselves unkillable, teleport, etc. Adding this won't be that bad. The desync part might be true, but the option to do something like this should still be there.
  10. Wouldn't that break compatibility to older scripts? It would not be that hard to convert these values to a vector yourself, or to write a function for it that does it automatically for you.
  11. Info This resource will fix the wallglitch that allows players AND peds to shoot through walls. It is completely client-side and should not strain the server.This script protects players and vehicles from being killed/destroyed via wallglitching. Note: Only hitscan-weapons (like the Pistol or the AK-47) work with this fix. Shotguns have not been tested yet. This script also has not been tested on low-end systems yet, but it should not cause much strain. How does it work? It checks the collision between the shoulder of the shooter and the muzzle of the weapon. The line between the
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