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  1. On my way. Gimme 5 minutes http://upload.mtasa.com/u/737986690/IZ3D-Compatibility.zip_
  2. Big shame , hopefully it'll become compatible 1 day
  3. Working quite well with SAMP. I think it's to the cause MTA doesn't allow all of the modules to make it hacker-proof (lol)
  4. Make it work! Vanila GTA works fine, but when I'm trying to use IZ3D, it crashes me out. Here's a reference link for more information:
  5. Hi. So I'm a 3D gamer, but I've encountered a problem. Whenever I want to play in 3D, using IZ3D drivers in MTA, it crashes me out. However vanila version of GTA SA is completely fine and therefore very enjoyable. Is there any possibility to make IZ3D compatible with MTA? Lemme know, please!