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  1. Vain

    Start up

    Sorry is tarted such a debate... but i have run into another problem. I get to the part whare im loading the game but when i get to the Welcom Message the server ether frezzes up on me or it shuts down the program and on the chat it says that i died. It is probably something very simple but what should i do? Your Friend, Vain
  2. Vain

    Start up

    Ok everythings fign now exept i dont know whare to find the gta-vc.exe file. Whare do I go to find this??
  3. Vain


    I am a newb and i think i need some help getting throught the installation....i dont think i did something right.
  4. Vain

    What file

    What file should I install the file to?
  5. I haven't played yet but I think you should make a pol on that idea.
  6. This is whare I installed it: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City
  7. Uhh i dont think so... seeing as i have no idea as to what that is... i feal so stuped.
  8. Every time I try to install the game I get a message that says: Vice City not found at selected location. Please go back and locate the correct directory. I'm not sure what I should do... are you???
  9. Vain

    Start up

    i cant find the link to redownload... what should i do.
  10. Vain

    Start up

    i dont know what that is ???
  11. Vain

    Start up

    another problem... sorry im a newb i try to open the file and it says gta-vc.exe File not found. Please verify the correct file name was given. this is the message i get... what should i do???
  12. Vain

    Start up

    I cant find a host on the MTA:VC Client. What should i do?
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