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  1. any chance I can do that in blender?
  2. I've edited a native GTA San Andreas .dff file, but I want to edit the .col file as well to replace them in MTA. any software or way to export original .col files of original .dff in the game? thanks
  3. I got stoned one time and had a though about creating an unique server which works like GTA5 Online. Basically you create missions that include characters from the San Andreas story-mode and continue the storyline or make it happen before the events of SA (with characters like Smoke and Ryder alive) Another feature that I would add to the server is heists, customized skins, vehicles, tuning, a leveling system and all that cool stuff. If you like my idea we could work on something similar as I'm a very good designer and I could help you with the visuals, UI and such. Reply and tell me what y
  4. @Tut cockroaches#4437 hit me on discord so we can talk about it not using Skype, text me over discord
  5. basically I've made a new model for the money, and it works correctly in DFF viewer but when I put it in the game, here's what it looks like: Here's the script: addEventHandler('onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot, function() outputChatBox ( "Test") local txd = engineLoadTXD('models/money.txd',true) engineImportTXD(txd, 1872) local dff = engineLoadDFF('models/money.dff', 0) engineReplaceModel(dff, 1872) end ) Any idea why this is happening? And how to fix it?
  6. @Tunner you should check this out, it's the most unique gamemode I've seen in this game
  7. I joined the server and I am already impressed ! waiting for more players, give it a try!
  8. tag me when you find a good server, looking for same thing
  9. CLIENT: local Key = 'F5' vehiclesTable = { { 'Super GT', 506, 10000, {551.31152, -1285.07727, 18.87188, 560.67841, -1284.27649, 17.24824} }, { 'Windsor', 555, 66600, {551.31152, -1285.07727, 18.87188, 560.67841, -1284.27649, 17.24824} }, { 'Lamborghini', 415, 450000, {551.31152, -1285.07727, 18.87188, 560.67841, -1284.27649, 17.24824} }, }; local buyingMarker = createMarker( 551.51257, -1262.61926, 16.25465, 'cylinder', 1.2, 200, 150, 50, 255 ) local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() Cplayer = getLocalPlayer( ) setElementData( Cplayer, 'VehiclesSystem;WarpToVehicle', nil ) setEl
  10. @IIYAMA still doesnt work. allright :O it, is it possible to draw a png image at the back of the car? if yes, how?
  11. @IIYAMA https://imgur.com/a/RBDrz here is the issue, the fire does not rotate and not placed on the exhaust
  12. well thank you but it works exactly as before. the fire particles are above the car and they do not rotate.
  13. @IIYAMA I tried those and still dont know where to put the code or how to make it work. basically I need to shoot fire at my exhaust. local x,y,z = getElementPosition(vehicle) fxAddGunshot(x, y+0.5, z+1, -10, 0, 0, true) fxAddSparks(x, y+0.5, z+1, -10, 0, 0) fxAddBulletImpact(x, y+0.5, z+1, -10, 0, 0, 2, 15, 5) fxAddTankFire(x, y, z, -10, 0, 0) I made this but, the fire appears above or inside the car, and always faces one direction. the fire does not rotate when the car does. help? sorry i am bad at scripting
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