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  1. FIXED ! I was using skin, that dayz didnt have in log.
  2. 60% of the server is edited, i managed to get the backpacks as well.
  3. Any help with this? https://ctrlv.cz/MSZo I cant respawn, when i kill myself. ( I replaced dead.jpg by another dead.jpg, cuz i didnt like the hand) should i get it back?
  4. I dont get it, lol. I just want to add new model for players (new clothing, lets say Police uniform), i added to Core.lua {"Police Uniform", 280}, in Pickups.lua i added {"Police Uniform",1901,2,0,4.5}, (1901, I created new id, idk what number to put there) and then I added to mods/items folder file with civilian clothing Id, but renamed to 1901, but in loot police uniform looks like DOLLAR. Yes, I edited Meta.xml, and Core.lua with mods/items 1901 but in loot its dollar ,why?
  5. Already got it, but how do I add model for new clothing? it looks like dollar on the ground..
  6. I added it to the residential table, and i created for myself id 1901, but how do i set the same "ON GROUND MODEL JUST LIKE CIVILIAN Clothing?"
  7. Okay thanks. Also would you just tell me how do I add another clothing? I added it, it was in the game, but the model of it was a "Coin" like in Casino or something. How do i put the same model for it, when its on the ground? Like Civilian clothing? Also which files to edit? Since i edited almost every file, to add it. x)
  8. Downloaded globalchat, im fine. But I was wondering if i can replace somewhere somehow debug monitor with some picture, like if there can be some idk, skull and on that will be displayed stats.
  9. I did delete internal.db but i cannot use globalchat, its not even in my keybinding, lol. Where did the Globalchat, go?
  10. Hey, for some reason my global chat doesnt work (i downloaded the latest github file). I type something in global, it wont send and then it says "Domez account is buggy, fixing it" or something like this and it respawns me. Over and over. Also, how do I add gas station? I Mean i created a map for Dayz and i made a gas station, i would like to setup somehow, that people can gas up their canisters.
  11. Thats what I did, so you basically overwrited Coyote to an ArmyBackpack and gave him more slots? You know i just dont want to have like only 4 backpacks in a game.
  12. Can you please tell me which files to edit, like this? > meta.xml - add files to replace models (perhaps) core_client.lua - create your own backpack bla bla with id bla bla
  13. So basically i added backpack called British Backpack, it has it own skin, i also found it like in loot, but when i equip it i have 30slots, but i cant see model on my back. But if I drop it, I can see it. Whats wrong then?
  14. Well, I have everything setup, even more clothes. I would appreciate if you help us with backpacks. I just added bigger backpack (British 36slots), i put in above Coyote backpack, where you had the Highet to Lower slots backpack, i did it like fine, kinda. But dunno, doesnt work. Like, its in the game, but it doesnt have the skin for some reason, but I added dff, txd to mods/items & I added files to meta to load, but its maybe that id. I create for myself 1901 there was nothing with it, so should i use different ID?
  15. Edit : So, I didnt know that source was updated, my bad. Everything is just fine, just one thing, to replace MP5 model, Do I just put "mp5Ing.txd + dff"into weapons folder and rename it to 353 since there is > in core.lua {"MP5A5 Mag", "MP5A5", 29, 353},
  16. how do i make that when i click right click on backpack i can equip it? so i dont have to take it from the loot also wanted to ask how do i add guns? i mean, i added them to script? but how do i add some model for it? you know.. i would like to have perhaps 4types of M4 and then one machine-gun for example
  17. Hello guys, is there any1 who can tall me how to write a equip / unequip system for backpacks? - im using open source 0.7 DayZ
  18. Hello any1 knows how to add more guns on server? I have dayz server and i would like to get some help. Just tell me here or contact me if you know how to script.
  19. it didnt help, my cars just were gone, so i had to backup my vehicles basically. so its okay now and some1 told me that it will spawn after item respawn, can i somehow change it to do it faster? (the loot respawn - and where if possible)
  20. https://ctrlv.cz/li6z as you can see i add the line correctly but nothing spawned.. even i reseted/stopped dayz resource and i tried everything to mode zombies skins but everything i failed, can you like in some fast way explain me that? i think i did something wrong, but dunno where. these 2 things are missing on that server :< just please:/
  21. hello so basically i added some spawns for bobcats but they dont spawn. so can you tell me how it should be done? and if you can tell me how to reduce zombies and give zombies skins, please? for now they are off
  22. i did it and it looks like this = https://ctrlv.cz/CUvB you can see the last patriot, but it didnt spawn, whats wrong then? (GETPOS WORKS, BTW!) BUT I NEED TO SPAWN THEM NOW!
  23. Everything to me was explained. And i did pretty good job. :-< And this is the last step to have it complete.
  24. I guess it doesnt work. Can i do it somehow different? Dunno where to paste it ,when not in vehicles.lua. And dont know what client sided means.
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