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  1. Dumps from my two crashes: http://majoroutage.net/mta/outback-core ... -30-08.zip
  2. KB/Mouse on foot Gamepad for vehicles
  3. But you say you've been connecting to it with remote desktop and running mIRC on it...what other graphical windows applications are you running on your "server"? There is obviously a resource issue here, since you also said the system as a whole has been lagging while running the anti-cheat.
  4. It sounds to me like your server just can't handle the extra resource usage the anticheat needs. Either that or there's a memory leak somewhere.
  5. That's how I've always played. Onfoot = keyboard+mouse Vehicle = gamepad/joystick
  6. what kind of mp would it be when the person with the highest score is the one with the least skill? Auto-aim is pretty inaccurate by design anyway. If spray and pray is all you can manage as it is, you won't get killed any less then, I don't think.
  7. Yes, I have a gamepad, but I only use it when in a vehicle. On foot, it's all about the kb/mouse, as any PC gamer can and will tell you. Any other game and this wouldn't even be a question. Auto-aim in multiplayer games is generally considered cheating. It's a PC game. Unlike the PS2 version, you have the tools to aim properly. Use them.
  8. I have a PS2-USB gamepad adapter. Works fine for me. PS. XBOX gamepad is horrible for flight controls. The way it's designed, you can't hit enough buttons at once.
  9. Outback

    speed question

    Some people just have really bad reaction time and don't realize it...
  10. zomgz teh matricks? thatz suxxorz!!! sadly so does WoW.
  11. WTF kind of question is that?
  12. I have a USB-PSX adapter and the axis sticks to the top-left corner until I turn Analog on.
  13. Because people like yourself make cheating tools publicly available to every arsehole who wants to ruin the clean players' fun. You want to make MTA run with mods and go to your own servers to use them? Fine, but while you're "modifying" the MTA client at least add something to keep it from connecting to a regular server. That way you can keep to your fuckin selves and stop helping ruin the game for everyone else.
  14. Both of which were in #mta waiting for release.
  15. Just send the robber spawn back to Prawn Island. They weren't so much of a problem then.
  16. Outback


    Sounds good that way. Other than the fact that everyone and their brother carries one. :-\ They need to fix the reload/wepswitch timer to get rid of the glitching. That right there would cut down on its usage since it wouldn't be as effective.
  17. For once, Death, you have a point. Cronic's punkass excuses ain't flyin with me either.
  18. Outback


    Agreed If all weapons were raised in proportion to the stubby, then no one would be alive long enough to have a chance at fighting back. (That would be a NO) HELL NO! A stubby whore is a stubby whore is a stubby whore. Moving spawns isn't going to help.
  19. Then you're a security risk by using an older version. IPB went lame by charging $$. The original goal of invisionboard was to provide a powerful and free BBS.
  20. It already is Matter of opinion...
  21. Simple. his name was (without caps) daeiium67.
  22. Then don't bother posting it, ya arse. All you needed was the flippin text box. :-\
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