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  1. TadMad

    [HELP] Detect vehicle physical parts damaged

    That only triggers when you collide with the vehicle not when you hit it, and I still can't get the old state.
  2. I need help because I can't figure out how to get the physical parts (doors, panels) of a vehicle that got damaged, I tried using onClientVehicleDamage, but didn't work. I'd like to do a function that restores the door or panel to it's old state when you damage it. (I mean, if the door was damaged when you hit it, it's still damaged, but if it was intact, it keeps intact). I want to disable damaging vehicle parts with fists but keeping the old part state.
  3. TadMad

    [HELP] Yankee images disappear

    I tried to set a variant manually but still happens the same.
  4. TadMad

    [HELP] Yankee images disappear

    It's using the default one but it also happens with shaders. It happens to all vehicles which have different variants that change their paintjob. (Benson, Mule, Trailers, ...)
  5. TadMad

    [HELP] Yankee images disappear

    The issue happens when I walk a few meters away from the Yankee (it also happens to the Mule, Benson), then the images on its side disappear Does anyone know why it could be happening? Video of the problem:
  6. TadMad

    Apply shader to only one rear light

    Thank you all for helping, I'll try and see what i can do
  7. TadMad

    Apply shader to only one rear light

    But, how can I do that? do I need to replace all the vehicles dff files? can't I do it with shaders?
  8. Hey, i'm trying to make an indicator system with shaders but if I replace the vehiclelightson128 shader it changes both rear lights. What can I do for it not to apply to both?
  9. TadMad


    Muchas gracias por tu ayuda, aka Blue
  10. TadMad


    Bueno, yo hace no mucho que empecé a scriptear y he estado probando algunas cosas con paradise , haciendo scripts, etc, y necesito ayuda ya que al hacer un comando para revivir a alguien cuando está muerto, todo va bien menos que cuando reaparece le sigue saliendo lo de "Wait X Seconds for Respawn" necesito ayuda para quitar eso cuando le reviva, este es el código que tengo: addCommandHandler( "revivir", function( player, commandName, otherPlayer, ... ) local other, name = exports.players:getFromName( player, otherPlayer ) local isdead = isPedDead ( other ) local x, y, z = getElementPosition ( other ) if isdead then spawnPlayer( other, x, y, z ) setCameraTarget ( other ) else outputChatBox( "Este jugador esta vivo.", player, 0, 255, 153 ) end end ) perdón si sale un poco movido pero en el lua original todo esta bien alineado