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  1. TheTrue


    Hello so iam intrested in how do you create text on objects like this: I know this is samp but maybe you can do the same in MTA is it done changing the object texture?
  2. I think its too hard to find the object ID, can you make so mta map can work on samp editor? Because you can delete them there.
  3. Hello everyone i hope this is the right section for this i am looking for help so i deleted a building and replaced it with other, but the window lights are still left there from the old building and you just can't delete them, is there a way i can do it?
  4. TheTrue


    Looking for something like this but thisone dosn't work for me.
  5. TheTrue


    Hey, i am looking for some ENB that is going to work in MTA and dosn't crash the game. Hope this is the right section, if not moderators move it.
  6. Holly :~ you the real MVP, love this.
  7. Looking real good, was thinking abote this day ago
  8. TheTrue

    free host

    Hi i am looking for free server hosting is there a good one i can use?