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    Few Ideas

    One suggestion I have is to place more cars around the airport and downtown. The area around where you start is fine but once you leave that area it becomes harder to find cars if yours happens to get jacked or explodes. Also maybe if they could impliment a CTF mode similar to how Midnight Club 2 did (also a R* game for those who dont know) would be cool. I know the first release was mostly just getting the main coding done and I'd say that it was a huge success. the ctf idea was for the next release. But if you could patch it to add more cars around the map that could help alot now. I have no idea if that would be hard to do though. :\
  2. actually I also think sony renewed its agreement with R* for the next 2 GTA games...maybe 3. I dun remember. It was announced at the last E3
  3. I've been using fraps 2.0 since the beta and its worth the money if you want to make gaming videos. Supports higher rez, doesnt kill your framerate as much when you are capturing and the frame skipping is sooo goooood. Plus the sound caps are always a nice bonus. If you want a sample of the full version send me an msg. I'll be glad to send you a sample GTA:VC video. its worth it. ICQ: 33325243 AIM: TranceAddictFoX or i'm on IRC: irc.gamesnet.net #trugamers
  4. The features it showed off for MTA:VC were good. but the video editing itself kinda blowed...and u stopped the video right at the climax of the song. Its nice to see the new MP features tho.
  5. Wer dont need a gay ass mod like CS ported to a good mod like MTA. damn newbies.
  6. Aye I will as well. I have the beta to the new Fraps 2.0 (with sound capping, frame skipping, and rez support up to 1024x768) that i'm just dieing to use to make a video. but I dont wanna make a video of myself. I wanna be w/ someone. ( More info on fraps 2.0 in the news posts on http://www.fraps.com )
  7. MTA team, I know we all appreciate the movies of MTA:VC and normal MTA to show off the multiplayer, but you guys could use more action in the videos...watching someone moving at 5mph in a car on the sand for a 40+ seconds isn't fun to watch. its boring. Start doing some jumps, Race around the city, each in bikes or something. Again i'm not tring to sound unthankful. I'd take the actionless videos over nothing....but videos with more action would be alot more fun to watch.
  8. you know, its one thing to say "when its done!" and not give a release date. Then its fine to bash on the ppl who keep asking where it is. But if you say "it will be out in 7 days" and it doesnt come out in 7 days you, I think, need to explain why. Even just a little information would help stop alot of the bitching. Couldn't get it finished in time? thats fine. just let us know! dont let the due date slip by without any sort of reply.
  9. FoX

    Hu ... ok !

    I dont get people who like the current version of CS. its the crappiest its ever been. It needs to go back to beta 5.2
  10. /me taps his watch and realises that tomorrow is day 7... hi.
  11. Just a reminder, http://www.fraps.com could make that pretty easy.
  12. I totaly agree. I'd rather they took the time to make sure its nice and stable.
  13. its obvious by now that the "% done" counter on the main page isn't accurate. Do you guys think you could update it so we have a better idea of where you are in the dev process? I'm not asking for a release date or anything like that. Just that it's there, so it might as well be close to accurate right?
  14. Yakuza, sorry, but you are wrong. The engine is the same, but its been updated and more 'rounded off' than it was for GTA3. Its nice because now I can lave the frame limiter off and i get around 60FPS all the time. where as if I turned it off in GTA3 it would onyl get to 60 if I was overlooking water. The VC version of the engine is alot better and smoothed out quite a bit more.
  15. you cant. Fraps only records to uncompressed avi, it would take too much CPU time to record and convert you have ot use a program like Vdub
  16. I perfer Xvid personally. I get better quality from it with similar or lower file sizes compared to divx
  17. Ok i want to point out I think people need to stop talking about GGM on the MTA forums. You wanna take about GGM? go talk on the GGM forums. they have 'em. Now to answer your question, yes you can shoot people in GGM. I tested that.....extensivly....
  18. Its been other places too. I doubt sony can buy out R* from under M$. As mentioned a few posts above, M$ has very deep pockets. I think its actually offical that they plan to start releaseing GTA on all systems. But that doesnt mean Sony or M$ cant pay them to have it come out on their system first...(it has been done before...)
  19. yeah that video is way old and it is fake. I dont remember exacly, but that machine they threw out was crap. some old thing they scrounged up.
  20. BigJ, I would like to point out that HL has probably the MOST 56K'er friendly netcode i've never seen in a game. I dont like it because it takes a large advantage away from the people who pay for cable and DSL, but none the less, it is the best netcode for 56Kers. 56Kers just started getting left in the dust, with games like BF1942 which, from what i hear, is pretty much unplayable online with 56K. Unless you happen to get a great connection to the server
  21. As much as i'd be cool to see, I doubt it would happen. Like someone said earlier, when R* made GTA3 for the PS2 they wernt thinking of making it multi. While on the other hand they did plan on making the PC version multi but didn't for one reason or another (which are unknown to me). If you want to play with the PS2 controller for your own personal reasons, you can. Example, I got this thing for my USB that allows me to plugin my PS2 and PS1 controllers. its great. I use it mostly for playing emulators. As we all know, the PS2 controller is the best controller ever made. Here is the thing I got: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... egory=3677 Thats the exact item. I got mine off of ebay too, like a year ago. I've loved it ever sense. Cheap and it supports 2 controllers (so u could get one more for 4 player games). Hope this helps. If u have any questions PM me and i'll get back asap. (PM so it e-mails me)
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