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  1. Artificial intelligence in MTA !?
  2. Hey i am looking for a developer/ scripter for an RPG - CnR server We need from him to do some tasks and if he wants he will be hired as a staff Also i am looking for a staff team who can contribute in the server Whatsapp:+201553956506 Discord: Ezzat#6405
  3. All of u have viewed the kick /ban functions on wiki Wiki.multitheftauto.com/kickPlayer The call of the function there didnt help me and i couldn't use it So can someone explain it to me simply? If i want kick from the script and the name =Ahmed One with a reason and one without
  4. How to make commands for MTA discord bot ? Nectrox's project The discord echo chat how to make commands for it like .say . Ban . Kick ..etc
  5. 001

    Why playing MTA

    Why Playing Multi Theft Auto
  6. guys my ESC key doesn't work and i want to change it how ??
  7. 001

    F11 - Map

    in settings ?
  8. 001

    F11 - Map

    so what now ??
  9. 001

    F11 - Map

    nothing called transparency in the settings ... anyone help cant see the map clearly i see it transparent anyone help me !!!
  10. 001

    F11 - Map

    no one helped me in general chat so i decided to post it here
  11. 001

    New logo MTA :D

    Lmao first time to notice that lol awesome good job
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