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  1. هههه يالبندر ، انت مو لاقيلك شئ لتبلغ عليه ولا وش 🤣
  2. the ( objects - models ) etc names written in english, as u see on gta3.img or gta_int.img etc so just search on them in english.
  3. if the ban is unlimited wait a stuff, and don't do this again before open mta, close anything about cheating. MTA AC is kinda genuis, it's have a life.
  4. some PE headers :~ can replace this f .exe
  5. uninstall your cheatengine, u can't cheat in game feel the shame in yourself. Cheaters is shame.
  6. be a contributor at MTA:SA Blue with your kdge in (C++)
  7. NmLa

    Random FPS Drops

    @Dutchman101 maybe will help u 🤔
  8. NmLa


    install w10 and bom. let this low q anti virus down
  9. they already do things better, but who play with their mods?
  10. much objects edited need much from ur space maybe on ram or vega c objects like vehicles .
  11. NmLa

    Skins bugs

    this happend on all servers?
  12. NmLa

    Pls help

    download and install install it's mta setup that u was installing
  13. الله الله ، وددت ان اتعلم فن الشعر يا ابا ماستر
  14. يعيال انا بس ودي اجيب قافيه علي اي كلمه وراح يظبط معي كل شي من الاخر انا فاشل في البلاغه