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  1. the ( objects - models ) etc names written in english, as u see on gta3.img or gta_int.img etc so just search on them in english.
  2. if the ban is unlimited wait a stuff, and don't do this again before open mta, close anything about cheating. MTA AC is kinda genuis, it's have a life.
  3. some PE headers :~ can replace this f .exe
  4. uninstall your cheatengine, u can't cheat in game feel the shame in yourself. Cheaters is shame.
  5. be a contributor at MTA:SA Blue with your kdge in (C++)
  6. NmLa

    Random FPS Drops

    @Dutchman101 maybe will help u
  7. NmLa


    install w10 and bom. let this low q anti virus down
  8. they already do things better, but who play with their mods?
  9. much objects edited need much from ur space maybe on ram or vega c objects like vehicles .
  10. NmLa

    Skins bugs

    this happend on all servers?
  11. NmLa

    Pls help

    download and install install it's mta setup that u was installing
  12. الله الله ، وددت ان اتعلم فن الشعر يا ابا ماستر
  13. يعيال انا بس ودي اجيب قافيه علي اي كلمه وراح يظبط معي كل شي من الاخر انا فاشل في البلاغه
  14. اه ياجلبي انا هندي مافي كويس تعليم مافي تعليم مافي كلام كثير انا يتعلم منك راهو راهو انت كبير انا صغير انت مافي كويس انت شاعر منو انا يتعلم كدا مافي كلام كثير
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