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  1. describe the problem, why it didn't work, here people help other people with a problem not scripting for them
  2. Sry I have an error in the meta.xml delete "models/" from the script line.
  3. Hi People! I downloaded a package for MTA Map Editor. This package contains all the SAMP object like the ENterable LS Office with the clear windows. I take out the script and the dff,txd and col file and put it also to my server, but I have a problem. The ground near the building is not solid, that means you fall through the floor around the building. I researched the problem and found out that this problem is only if the col-File is loaded, then I viewed the col File but the FIle has no false objects in it, only the build wall. I don't know why this problem is there, I hope anybody else ca
  4. Today I deactivated the Windows 98 / ME COmpatiblity Mode for GTASA, maybe this was the reason, I am testing it. By the way I installed all this things currently.
  5. Hey People! If I play on a server with more people (race server), MTASA is often lagging, but my PC is far good enough for GTASA and my iunternet connection is better (100 MBit/s). Normally I start GTA on one CPU, but today I tried two CPUs, but it have made no difference. By the wy it uses nearly 50% CPU-Perfomance and the RAM nearly 200 MB. When I mean lag, I mean FPS are low. Here is my dxdiag log: http://pastebin.com/KY89rFm7 Here is speedtest.net : For more details ask me.
  6. Dear scripters, I am wondering how I can add a new model to my server or if there are any modelids in GTASA which aren't used. I want to add the neontubes of SA:MP. Thank you.
  7. Sry I tried too, but I have forgotten something. I would do all what you say if it helps me, but maybe I don't think enough about it and then it's wrong what I script. But if I understand it I will script it as you said. All I would say with this is don't think, that I won't follow your tips. If I don't follow your tips than I missunderstand you. Sry for my fucking English.
  8. thanks, but it doesn't works, maybe i am doing something wrong, look at the code on http://pastebin.com/ded8c283
  9. Hi! My question is how can I use mutated vowels in serverside script. In clientside script they are working well, but in serverside script they are different symbols instead of a mutated vowel. PS.: Mutated vowels (ä,ö,ü,Ä,Ö,Ü)
  10. Dear friends, I have scripted a InputBox for my own admin panel and in the function are different parameters and one parameter is also a function. This function is called if I press the "OK-Button" at the InputBox. But the next time I create a InputBox, the old event from the OK-Button should be removed. I think I have scripted all true, but everytime I press OK-Button the event is called as many times as I opened the InputBox. I hope anyone of you find the error in the following code: function showInputBox(title,label,eingabet,abbrechen,func) removeEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", abbreche
  11. Use this code in serverside script, I would never use script with deleting something clientside because it maybe gets unsynchron: function destroyVehicle(vehicle) local check=false for i,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if getPlayerOccupiedVehicle(player)==vehicle then check=true end end if check==false then destroyElement(vehicle) end end function exitVehicle(vehicle) setTimer(destroyVehicle,30000,1,vehicle) end addEventHandler("onPlayerVehicleExit",getRootElement(),exitVehicle)
  12. I think fxAddSparks and fxAddDebris would be very nice
  13. Thanks, i know the event system, but I never used getPropagated becasue this is only important by GUIs and I don't script GUIs often.
  14. Hi Community! I wanted to script an admin panel for my server but the problem is if I click on the window of a button or more button the event of the buttons of the window get triggered. I don't know why, is this a common problem or could this only be a script error?
  15. addEventHandler ( "onVehicleExplode", getRootElement(), function() setTimer( destroyElement,5000,1,source) end )
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