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  1. yea i've got the same thing. didn't realise it was a problem but it would be cool if it showed diff colours instead of just yellow
  2. hmm the spedo makes VC cut out on loading and the only way 2 fix it is 2 reset the puta fab get that 2, the guys r just still when they move around.. but i think thats normal cause no1 is synced(sp) yet?? also, with that when i shot gun some1 they fall 2 the ground but 1 sec after they are still on the ground but they are moving around...? lag i guess.. awesome game but i alwayse seen 2 have a huge disadvantage when fighting some1
  3. how do u get a speedometer????? i've never seen it and can't find any options 2 turn it on anywhere ¿o_0? maybe the australian version doesn't have it??? or maybe im just a noob
  4. nearly every time I see a dude on a bike go past he only has the front wheel on the ground so they must be hitting the weight down button (opposite to wheelie) and whenever i race a guy on a bike he beats me by using this technique of tapping that button. i can't seem 2 get it 2 work!! i keep tapping it but it doesn't feel/look like im goin faster and both wheels stay on the ground. its a pain in the arse 2 y does it work?? is it a flaw/bug that every1 just uses??? also, this has probably been asked 1000 times but do the uzi type guns work when ur on a bike, AKA drivebys its cool when ur
  5. yep this is exactly whats happening and i agree 100% i didn't like having 2 use a crark 4 a game i bought and i would say that at least 60-70% of aus players have got a warez/burnt VC for this reason. A lot of ppl who own the game wouldn't realise that u need a crack 2 get the aus version working.. if this problem was fixed in the next version and more publicly known then there would be a huge increase in players and we would have less crashes cause we won't need 2 use a crack.
  6. i needed a no-cd crack because i couldn't get the aus version of VC to work with MTA tried the aus patch and it didn't work still have the cd in so i can hear the radio but
  7. thanks, having it on or off doesn't make a difference 4 some reason probably my computer?
  8. Hi all, this is more a Vice City problem but it happens more often in MTA. a lot of things are fuzy for 10 secs then fades into the correct textures. a lot of times the things simply arn't shown till after i am there. EG Walls!! ya think ya have a clear path so ya zoom through on ya bike then SMASH! u hit an invisable wall!!! which appears after u crash into it heres some shots of the road surface and the islands that should be in the middle and which eventually fades into this (if u stop moving) anyone know what i can do?? its the AUS version of VC p3-866, XP Pro, gf2mx 32meg
  9. yep reinstalling worked, thanks mate
  10. Hi all, i've got the Aus version of VC and couldn't play MTA at all untill some1 told me 2 get a patch off megagames now i can play MTA but for some reason i can't talk in game or use any of the commands (f10, f11 ect) no idea y and it was working until yesterday. if i exit the game i can talk in the client, but when the game cuts out (which happens a lot! ) most the time the chat area is grey and cant be used (kinda how msn chat area looks when u are appear offline) thanks all
  11. so any update?? mine still crashes when i press start game. the rockstar logo come up then the problem screen pops up - the 1 that says 2 send an error report
  12. the thing i don't get is that its not everybody. a lot of ausies can play it fine. weird..?
  13. Hi all, I bought VC today, dl MTA2 and it came up with the unknown version error dl the MTA aus fix, it now launches the game, but as soon as the Rockstar logo appears the XP error window pops up - gta-vc has encounted a problem and needs to close - sent report ect... nothings been modded or anything still using 1.0 as well
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