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  1. I have an idea: How about implementing a player ranking system? This might could give your server a more stable player base.
  2. The maps "Jungle" and "Operation Neptun" are :Oing boring, so please add checkpoints to this map that can be captured because that would propably make them more interesting.
  3. I'm thinking about the future and things I would like to do in the future (and I'm not alone). Handling line changes feel much more natural. Changes with setElementVelocity doesn't give much options and can let the handling feel unnatural (Except a good Downforce Simulation). And Handling line changes also bring a lot of options. Also some calculations for Simulation need to applied fast. When a player from Brasil with ping 200+ joins he has a lot of delay when everything have to be setted up for him on server side and that wouldn't be a fair gameplay. For Example Brakes: While some is braking the brakes will gain temperature and when you are not braking the brakes will cool down. So with a formula you can simulate on which temperature the brakes will work best... Weather: Yes you can simulate a air temperature which affect all simulated temperature formulas on the vehicle. -Rain: 1. The rain does not affect the handling anyways. 2. But you can simulate rain strengths with values between 0.000... and 1.5.... on setRainLevel() (Note higher values won't look nice on screen) → So you need getRainLevel() on client and put it in your formula for Tire Grip/Temperature, Brake Temperature,... etc. You can also make the weather dynamic with air temperature and rainlevel changes.
  4. the dsyncs want be that big how you think the only dsyncs you will have are caused by ping... i'm not 100% sure but I think the cars are synced by coordinates+rotation+velocity for example: nobody will notice it as a dsync if the accel gets higher or lower from another player you can simply check that with other script that affects the velocity I also think that i played much more Race in mta (about 1000+ hours) as you and i saw some maps with scripts that affected the velocity, so I talk with a some practical experience changing the accel with client side setVehicleHandling would allow a lot more possibilities and you can build a SimRace Handling for poor people you will be able to set things without ping(the real dsync) --Dynamic accel change --Brake Temperature changing brake deceleration --Tire Temperature changing grip -- and a lot more and changes on handling line would feel much times more natural It can be realy interesting for the racing / freeroam communities
  5. LosFaul

    Tire Size

    Hey, GTA SA uses for every vehicle model different Front and Rear Wheel Sizes, if you look in the vehicles.ide file. And this Wheel sizes also affects the handling. So it would be nice if you can change the Wheel sizes in MTA per Script. It would be nice for Car Mods and Custom Handlings. Wheel sizes can be changed with: setVehicleWheelFrontSize( vehicle, newSize ) or setModelWheelFrontSize( vehicle, newSize ) setVehicleWheelRearSize( vehicle, newSize ) or setModelWheelRearSize( vehicle, newSize ) Would be nice if this can be added.
  6. How should this get abused? So please write examples here. And maybe it can made so that this script function can only get enabled by meta or a server side script and it's also posssible to check if client scripts get manipulated. The client script can be also so added to meta that the script get everytime redownloaded when the player rejoins. But for real adding it client side would give a lot new possibilities for custom handling. Example if u want "simulate" brake temprature u can easy chance the brake deceleration, but if some has a 200+ ping and the server answers so late it can be a bit shity for this player. 200ms can be a lot in the racing world bro. Maybe i don't make sense for you because you are not racing as much in video games.
  7. Hello, I would like to suggest to add setVehicleHandling for client side scripting. I would like to make a custom handlings that have changing values while driving on different speeds, but i don't want always trigger a server event. Triggering server event is also shity because of ping.
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