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  1. Official Shirt, Equipe DriftShow DS Virtual Look that! First Fan's Drift Show-Team DS Virtual [Brandão] went straight there Paraiba JP know the Founder of Virtual Team DS [Matias] and Finished winning a shirt Official Team. : the #EquipeDSVirtual # MK12 Very satisfying the love we never think that one day this would happen. Thanks to everyone who somehow likes the work and Admira Drift Show-Team DS Virtual Stay on top of all the news team: FanPage
  2. Essa é uma Equipe Drift Online que foi inspirada pela grande equipe de Drift-Show DS que domina as pistas da vida real e agora virtual. / This is a Drift Online team was inspired by the great team Drift Show-DS dominating the tracks of real life and now virtual. #EquipeDriftShowVirtual / #EquipeDSVirtual - Server IP: mtasa:// º WebSite Oficial DS: http://driftshowdsvirtual.wix.com/dsvirtual⇨ Channel Oficial DS Virtual: https://goo.gl/i2NZQx ⇨ Extensão DS Virtual - Instale:http://goo.gl/gdybTt ⇨ Blog Oficial DS: http://goo.gl/LK3C51 Serve
  3. Line 214: else Line 248: local model = getElementModel ( vehicle ) The lines are in this part of the client that sent the top
  4. Error, Help? Line: if curGear > lastGear then playBlowoffSound(vehicle) end if downgrading then if ( lastRPM < rpm and ( lastGear <= curGear ) ) or lastGear < curGear then if isTimer ( downgradingTimers[1] ) then killTimer ( downgradingTimers[1] ) end if isTimer ( downgradingTimers[2] ) then killTimer ( downgradingTimers[2] ) end downgrading = false
  5. radioSound = { } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() bindKey("r", "down", clientToggleRadio) bindKey("mouse_wheel_up", "down", volumeUp) bindKey("mouse_wheel_down", "down", volumeDown) end ) addEventHandler("onClientVehicleEnter", root, function(thePlayer, seat) if thePlayer == getLocalPlayer() then local msg = "Aperte 'R' para ligar a Radio. Bom Jogo #EquipeDSVirtual" if radioSound[source] == nil then outputChatBox(msg, 124, 252, 0) else if radioSound[source].soundElement == nil then outputChatBox(msg, 124, 252
  6. <meta> <info name="backfire" author="EquipeDS_Matias" version="1.0" type="script" /> <script src="backfire_server.lua" type="server"/> <script src="backfire_client.lua" type="client"/> <file src="sound/backfire1.wav" /> <file src="backfire_settings.xml" /> </meta> local fxShowValTest = false local curEngine = 0 function getPositionFromElementOffset(element,offX,offY,offZ) local m = getElementMatrix ( element ) local x = offX * m[1][1] + offY * m[2][1] + offZ * m[3][1] + m[4][1] local y = offX * m[1][2] + offY * m[2][2] + offZ * m[3][2]
  7. sorry but I did not understand what exactly should I do, you could send me the moon ready? my user is matias If it does not bother you clear
  8. This radar was a guy who passed me, he says that this is> 1 GPS! Beta Drop club... https://yadi.sk/d/TJAHvbk0udGXs He gave me this
  9. Nothing appears friend
  10. Hello, I have a radar on my server when I'll turn it does not appear, someone help me? local screenW,screenH = guiGetScreenSize() local resW,resH = 1366,768 local sW,sH = (screenW/resW), (screenH/resH) local turn = true local alpha = 255 addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() setPlayerHudComponentVisible ( "radar", false ) --# Create Textures hudMaskFX = dxCreateShader("mask.fx") radarTexture = dxCreateTexture("img/map.png") maskTexture = dxCreateTexture("img/radar_mask.png") checkTextures = ( hudMaskFX and radarTexture and maskT
  11. dsmatias

    [ HELP ]

    thank you friends, it work
  12. ah ok I understand, thank you friend. ah ok I understand, thank you friend.
  13. dsmatias

    [ HELP ]

    Can someone help me? when I give restart this script appears this error, how can I solve? Erro: http://prntscr.com/cgkemp
  14. Jeez he's compiled, I have not decompiled
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