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  1. 100 Points right sir! But as far as I have seen, there is no other way of doing this. BTW, is there an option to FORCE my gta3.img to all clients? Ok, but the animation still doesn't work (at least when I trid in SP). This is what I did: 1) I opened gta3.img with "IMG Tool" and extracted the "colt45.ifp" file 2) I opened the "colt45.ifp" file with "GTA Animation Manager" 3) I found 7 Animation within this file, two of them are named "colt45_fire" and "colt45_fire_2hands". I pretty much just replaced the first one with the second one. After I replaced the origin
  2. Doesn't work. First of all, the animation doesn't run smoothly and the characters arms aren't on the pistol grip when I'm not aiming in a specific direction. Secondly, you can only change ped models in gta3.img... BTW, why did you used those flags, 1st person aim is normally off and free aiming doesn't change anything...
  3. I haven't found any "P" flag under setWeaponProperty... (https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetWeaponProperty) Also, what do you mean with "set gangsta aim to False, then set normal aiming to true"? I only see the option "flag_aim_arm".
  4. I know, there is also a 'P' parameter in the weapon.dat file which when set to 3 activates Cop Skill... Wouldn't this look like the player aims and shoots "gangsta style" and the animation gets played afterwards?
  5. Could you specify that, please? The "setPedWalkingStyle" function only allows for limited types of movement, and I can't find any "MOVE_COP" option or so on the wiki.
  6. Hey guys! Some time ago I started a post where I asked you how I can shoot the Colt45 (pistol) like SP cops do. Since this post, MTA developers still have't acknowledged or added this feature: https://bugs.multitheftauto.com/view.php?id=7345 https://bugs.multitheftauto.com/view.php?id=8396 Now, I have two questions: 1. Is there any way I can let the developers know that this feature is highly requested by the RP Community or make this feature a thing soon in any other way? 2. Are there any new possibilities added that can be used as workarounds? A
  7. Thanks for your response! Now, I still have three open question to the individual solutions: 1. Is it even possible in any way or are is there just no official support? 2. I once saw multiple guns with deagle animation and properties on a DayZ server (Colt Python, Glock,...) How can I do that? 3. And how can I make the player have a crosshair, but the animation doesn't stop? Thanks for every word!
  8. Hello guys! You may know that the cop peds in GTA SA singleplayer hold the pistol (Colt45) in a different way than gang members and the player himself. So I searched a little bit and found this: https://bugs.multitheftauto.com/view.php?id=7345 However, I don't know how soon this will be implemented. My question is, is there any way right now of making the player hold ONE 9mm pistol with TWO hands, like a singleplayer cop? I already tried some things (setWeaponProperty() and setPedAnimation()) but None of these really worked (setWeaponProperty() makes the player shoot the pistol
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