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  1. Malone.

    MTASA bought by SAMP (April Fools)

  2. Malone.

    About ban...

    hmm i got you're point it's can be removed from "P" Admin Panel but iam not sure about that , go ahead and try
  3. Malone.

    Small problem

    well my script always giving error like this ERROR: CIOupdatesinfo/updates.slua:170: attempt to perform arithemtic on local 'mmx' (a nil value) line 170 of mine script local val8 = dd + (mmx*2) + math.floor(((mmx+1)*3)/5) + yy + math.floor(yy/4) - math.floor(yy/100) + math.floor(yy/400) + 2
  4. How to download GTA i have been searching on this to long time
  5. Malone.

    Gimme your opinion

    Same this guy opinion
  6. Malone.

    Script Robot v1

    Seems nice
  7. Malone.

    LUA Function Help

    this respawn gonna rest the health right ? or i should get other function for health ?
  8. Malone.

    LUA Function Help

    i made alots of Functions for Players if they die they should got heal 200 HP but no thing got work also i use server sides only., is there any function helpful for this cause ?
  9. Malone.

    About SLUA

    Alright Thanks both of you for this notice.
  10. Malone.

    About SLUA

    what the different between Server side and SLUA ? like what the point of SLUA its same server side or so i'm here to ask that questions because i forget the Feature SLUA.
  11. Malone.

    Which is the best MTA Lua Editor?

    Notepad++ is the best LUA Edit for now.
  12. Malone.

    [WIP] MTA Action RPG

    huh is this for MTA or for children's?
  13. I would like to express my great, when I saw the script thanks you very much.