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  1. hmm i got you're point it's can be removed from "P" Admin Panel but iam not sure about that , go ahead and try
  2. Malone.

    Small problem

    well my script always giving error like this ERROR: CIOupdatesinfo/updates.slua:170: attempt to perform arithemtic on local 'mmx' (a nil value) line 170 of mine script local val8 = dd + (mmx*2) + math.floor(((mmx+1)*3)/5) + yy + math.floor(yy/4) - math.floor(yy/100) + math.floor(yy/400) + 2
  3. How to download GTA i have been searching on this to long time
  4. Malone.

    Gimme your opinion

    Same this guy opinion
  5. this respawn gonna rest the health right ? or i should get other function for health ?
  6. i made alots of Functions for Players if they die they should got heal 200 HP but no thing got work also i use server sides only., is there any function helpful for this cause ?
  7. Malone.

    About SLUA

    Alright Thanks both of you for this notice.
  8. Malone.

    About SLUA

    what the different between Server side and SLUA ? like what the point of SLUA its same server side or so i'm here to ask that questions because i forget the Feature SLUA.
  9. Notepad++ is the best LUA Edit for now.
  10. huh is this for MTA or for children's?
  11. I would like to express my great, when I saw the script thanks you very much.