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  1. https://pastebin.mtasa.com/312938179
  2. سطر 39 اسم الوظيفة غلط واستعمل start لما ترسل شعار او حاطط كلمة مدري
  3. بعد < تلقا اسم تقدر تسميه مثل ماتيي وتتصل به من سيرفر او شي
  4. Sorry , My pc works perfectly even it's not a good thing , And yes it happend only while local server is running because i got the MTA server.exe crash at first I don't wanna reinstall MTA cause i have so many important resources I have all drivers installed , other games works perfectly I told you that start happening after the update
  5. i did press both of ctrl while my system was freezing it took me 10 minuts to do that and i have paid Avast anti-virus Premium version
  6. شتبي
  7. use timer to avoid spamming
  8. يعطيك العافية لكن إضافة ربما نسيتها وهي ^ تقريبا تقدر تقول الأسس أس2 - اس3 - الخ ... x3 و x² وهي مثل مثال a = 2 ^ 2 -- مربع 2 outputChatBox(a) -- 4 -- a = 4 ^ 2 -- مربع 4 outputChatBox(a) -- 16 -- a = 9 ^ 3 -- مكعب 9 outputChatBox(a) -- 729
  9. وانا وش قلت مسوي مثال عن تلوين شي نفس كلامك
  10. يخي أفتح مدرسة
  11. @Dutchman101 Sorry about that but the problem has return and i know the reason the thing that's little weird but , when My local server running and i you know navigate my pc.. when i copy something .. like a picture or any file , the moment i hit past the mta and everything f*cked up i could access to mta folder and go to debug txt file and hit rctrl and lctrl did it many times after restarting my pc i went to the txt file there was nothing there sorry about lying it was after a while that's what i thought
  12. createColCuboid , createColSphere , createColTube ب مطلوبة
  13. يمكن بالقيم مود حقك او مركب مود يحط شخصيات عشوائية
  14. يرجى التكلمة بموضوعك السابق ص