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  1. Please help me how to compiling mtasa with other gtasa? ex: gta gostown And thank you
  2. Hani2001

    [HELP] Animated Objects

    yes please
  3. Please Help Me How To Make Panel Can change my message color on chatbox just for me not for all players Example: or if i check checkbox my message color change Example : https://b.top4top.net/p_976q7xnh1.png
  4. Hani2001

    Help How to add animated object

    So now I can not make it in version 1.5.5 So I will wait 1.5.6
  5. Hani2001

    Help How to add animated object

    i have object with txd and dff and ifp files i need to add it on my server so how to make animated object Please Help Me Download Files
  6. نحن نقدم العديد من خوادم الألعاب. نحن الآن نقدم خوادم مجانية. فقط الاختلافات بين استضافة الخوادم المجانية واستضافة MTA المميزة. -الخدمات المجانية محدودة حتى 32 لاعب -الخوادم المجانية محدودة على مساحة تخزينية تبلغ 5 جيجابايت يمكنك الحصول على خادم مجاني: انقر هنا الصفحة الرئيسية للموقع: اضغط هنا نحن نقدم جميع خدمات الألعاب لدينا مع لوحة التحكم و الحماية من الدوس اتاك.
  7. We offer many Game Servers. We are NOW offering free servers. Only Differences between Free Server Hosting and our Premium MTA Hosting. - Free Servers are limited to 32 Player Slots - Free Servers are limited to 5GB Storage Space You may obtain a free server : Click Here Home Page Of Website : Click Here We offer all of our gaming services with Control Panel And DDOS Protection.
  8. Hani2001

    How to add object anim ?

    Please help me how to add anim for objects local function loadobj(resource) col178 = engineLoadCOL('Tube50mGlass1.col') txd178 = engineLoadTXD('MatTextures.txd') dff178 = engineLoadDFF('Tube50mGlass1.dff', 0) engineReplaceCOL(col178, 1833) engineImportTXD(txd178, 1833) engineReplaceModel(dff178, 1833) col901 = engineLoadCOL('AnimTube.col') txd901 = engineLoadTXD('MatTextures.txd') dff901 = engineLoadDFF('AnimTube.dff', 0) engineReplaceCOL(col901, 1858) engineImportTXD(txd901, 1858) engineReplaceModel(dff901, 1858) engineSetModelLODDistance(1833, 299) engineSetModelLODDistance(1858, 299) engineLoadIFP( "AnimTube.ifp", MatTextures ) end addEventHandler('onClientResourceStart', getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), loadobj) How to add animation for MatTextures using engineReplaceAnimation ?
  9. Hani2001

    Help - Inventory

    local sx,sy = guiGetScreenSize() addEvent("Hiddeny",true) addEventHandler("Hidden", root, function(items) if not isElement(invwdw) then invwdw = guiCreateWindow((sx - 291)/2,(sy - 445)/2, 291, 445, "SAUG Inventory", false) guiWindowSetSizable(invwdw, false) logo = guiCreateStaticImage(70, 22, 149, 56, ":SAUGLogin/logo.png", false, invwdw) invgrid = guiCreateGridList(9, 81, 273, 311, false, invwdw) guiGridListAddColumn(invgrid, "Item", 0.5) guiGridListAddColumn(invgrid, "Quantitiy", 0.5) for i,v in ipairs(items) do row = guiGridListAddRow(invgrid) guiGridListSetItemText(invgrid, row, 1, v["item"], false, false) guiGridListSetItemText(invgrid, row, 2, v["quant"].." unit(s)", false, false) end closebtn = guiCreateButton(213, 396, 69, 39, "Close", false, invwdw) infolabel = guiCreateLabel(10, 396, 196, 36, "Double mouse 'Right' click to use!\nDouble mouse 'Left' click to drop!", false, invwdw) guiSetFont(infolabel, "default-bold-small") guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(infolabel, "center", false) guiLabelSetVerticalAlign(infolabel, "center") else destroyElement(invwdw) end end ) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick",root,function() if isElement(invwdw) then if source == closebtn then destroyElement(invwdw) end end end) addEventHandler("onClientGUIDoubleClick",root,function() if isElement(invwdw) then if source == invgrid then local sel = guiGridListGetSelectedItem(invgrid) local item = guiGridListGetItemText(invgrid,sel,1) local quan = guiGridListGetItemText(invgrid,sel,2) local quan = string.gsub(quan,"unit(s)","") local quan = tonumber(quan) triggerServerEvent("useItem",localPlayer,item) end end end) addEvent("updateInvGridList",true) addEventHandler("updateInvGridList",root,function(items) if isElement(invwdw) then destroyElement(invgrid) --local items = getElementData(localPlayer,"inventoryitems") invgrid = guiCreateGridList(9, 81, 273, 311, false, invwdw) guiGridListAddColumn(invgrid, "Item", 0.5) guiGridListAddColumn(invgrid, "Quantitiy", 0.5) for i,v in ipairs(items) do row = guiGridListAddRow(invgrid) guiGridListSetItemText(invgrid, row, 1, v["item"] or v[1], false, false) guiGridListSetItemText(invgrid, row, 2, (v["quant"] or v[2]).." unit(s)", false, false) end end end)
  10. Hani2001

    [REL] Mini Admin

    nice work
  11. Hani2001

    [Help] Hud

    Please help me If i past image colored will be change all colors to black i need to still colored not black client: local texturesimg = { { "img/radardisc.png", "radardisc" } } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() for i = 1, #texturesimg do local shader = dxCreateShader("shader/shader.fx") engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(shader, texturesimg[i][2]) dxSetShaderValue(shader, "gTexture", dxCreateTexture(texturesimg[i][1])) end end) shader.fx: texture gTexture; technique TexReplace { pass P0 { Texture[0] = gTexture; } }
  12. Why my server not showing in the server browser My Server IP:PORT Please Help Me
  13. Hani2001

    [HELP] Animated Objects

    Any Help ?
  14. Hani2001

    [HELP] Animated Objects

    Hi please help me how to make Animated Objects ----------- IDE File : objs 18984, Tube100m5, MatTextures, 299, 0 18985, Tube100m6, MatTextures, 299, 0 end anim 19901, AnimTube, MatTextures, AnimTube, 299, 0 end ---------- how to make this anim for the all objects have MatTextures and how to make it for one object with id and Thank You
  15. Hani2001


    Hi Please I need IPL to mtasa map convert <map> </map>