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  1. Hey, thanks a lot! This should do.
  2. I don't really see how this would work over http but I'll look into modules. Thanks.
  3. I'm afraid it is not. I've set up a docker environment for my dev/prod servers and the only way I can distinguish dev and prod is the ports.
  4. Is there a way to get/set environment variables in MTA Lua? I've tried os.getenv but it errors for "unsecure function calling".
  5. Hello, I've been trying to install tunable car mods on my MTA server but it doesn't seem to load any texture when loading the tunable parts' dff files. I tried every ordering: Load TXD before tunable parts' DFF, Load tunable parts' DFF before TXD, Load TXD, DFF and then tunable parts' DFF Nothing seems to work. One thing caught my interest though. No matter how I order downloading, if I completely close MTA and relaunch the game, it seems to work flawlessly. And after restarting the script for several times it breaks again. Has anyone experienced this? engineImp
  6. Thanks! We are trying to take things as fun as we can to avoid boredom (for ourselves and players). There is nothing really beyond "it's just a game" mindset and it has really been paying off. After all, we are also joining the server to have some fun like everyone else. Also UPDATE We changed the fishing a bit, you have to challenge the fish to take its life. And flesh.
  7. mtasa:// Introduction: Forseti is an old school Freeroam/RPG with a retro theme. We wanted to re-capture the nostalgia of GTA San Andreas. Well, what can you do in this server? Let's give you some examples. You can: Buy houses, change property name, lock/unlock them, set them for sale, and change their price & more. Buy vehicles, add unique upgrades, park them, change their price and set them for sale, etc. Trade your vehicles with other players, buy and sell them for amounts you set. This includes new vehicles we added ourselves
  8. I have burnt the last 3 brain cells I have left and am probably doing something terribly wrong. I will come back to this tomorrow. Thanks for your help @IIYAMA.
  9. I mean I can try that but I doubt this will do any help because the converter starts after the request which happens to be the playSound function. Here is my node.js code to help better understanding: var http = require('http'), fileSystem = require('fs'), path = require('path'); const url = require('url'); var Downloader = require("./downloader"); var dl = new Downloader(); //Configure YoutubeMp3Downloader with your settings http.createServer(function (request, response) { const queryObject = url.parse(request.url, true).query; if (!queryObject['ytId']) { resp
  10. Where should I put the delay? Node.js or MTA?. How can I put delay on playSound? I didn't understand your suggestion sadly
  11. I am sure I'm fully streaming. The response is ended after the download is complete. Do you want to see the node.js code?
  12. Hey man sorry for creating a topic before trying long enough. I have found a solution by using another npm package which serves as a streamer (https://www.npmjs.com/package/youtube-audio-stream for the reference). But yeah, I made sure I returned a response after the file was created and made sure of that. I needed to fire playSound twice for it to work. It is weird but I'm glad I didn't solve it in that way.
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