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  1. Zoom

    Omg, map in gui... How to make zoom map on scroll and how to move the map when pressed left mouse button and move the mouse? Look at video.
  2. Zoom

    Hello, how to make map zoom and move map? Example video: 1:14
  3. path

    Hi, Can I change the path of an image with guiCreateStaticImage without deleting it and creating it again?
  4. Rotation

    Hey, i have question, how to use/change rotation of image in CEGUI? Not dxDrawImage but guiCreateStaticImage
  5. Streaming

    I'm want to everyone see dxDrawMaterialLine3D, but i do not want to use loop on players in onClientPreRender. addEventHandler("onClientPreRender",root,function() for _,k in pairs(Element.getAllByType("player")) do local pts = k:getData("points") for i=1, #pts do dxDrawMaterialLine3D(pts[i][1],pts[i][2],pts[i][3],pts[i+1][1],pts[i+1][2],pts[i+1][3],texture,0.1) end end end) how to optimize this code?
  6. Streaming

    You speak Polish?
  7. Streaming

    So I have to create a dxDrawMaterialLine3D element? With createElement ("line3D") and for that use streaming? Because I want dxDrawMaterialLine3D to see each and loop in the onClientPreRender on players is aggravating.
  8. Streaming

    Not completely
  9. Streaming

    I know, I mean dxDrawMaterialLine3D rendering for players in the stream.
  10. Streaming

    An example of how to display dxDrawMaterialLine3D for players in this stream?
  11. Streaming

    Hello, i'm have a question. How to use onClientElementStreamIn and onClientElementStreamOut? I must optimize my code with this events, now i have loop in onClientPreRender so this events will useful me. Sorry for my english
  12. Lights

    What exactly do I need?
  13. Lights

    This also does not give such effect. I mean those blue-red lights blinking on the ground.
  14. Lights

  15. Lights

    This function only create light, no light shadow.. Only reflection