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  1. HurT


    Never mind. I noticed that you know it but you don't want to say.
  2. HurT


    Lazy ass detected. What about helping me instead of this actions? I didn't got it yet. Should I replace what you typed in this files? Or that's what I have to edit? Between thank's for intersting
  3. HurT


    Well I can't find the script who has this action if you can tell me where I can find it?
  4. HurT


    I will try my best But if anyone can explain more?
  5. HurT


    How is it possible when you punish a player to be shown like that ( e.g HurT has been muted for 300 secs (Spamming) ) When I punish when it shows like this (e.g HurT muted HurT(2mins) )
  6. Some Interiors in my server when I enter them I fall under the interior that I entered. It also happens when I set Interior How Can I fix this?? PS: All Interiors are bugged like this execpt AMMUN1 Id 1
  7. HurT


    DELETED Reason:Double topics
  8. I saw alot of servers that allow you to play while downloading the mods in a spinner or anything else.. If anyone has a script like this state it here,please!