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  1. NickAge

    Error VF #EC95

    aurora in los angeles? the kick seems like a global problem tho
  2. NickAge

    ERROR VF #4 JR9Z

    wow i have same code
  3. NickAge

    VF#4 JR9Z

    out of sudden got kicked with this message, now cant join any server at all. what do i do?
  4. hello my nickname NickAge I have discord yes I am old member of MTA community and I'd love to see your server Will u do tests in 11 pm 31st december im free that time my dear
  5. That aint my section, that belongs to and not to my
  6. NickAge

    locked topic

    Whats my section?
  7. have you got msn messenger? we can talk about that Nick What u mean
  8. Hey you guys, i'm making a website about gta, and i was wondering if anyone els wanted to help me with it. Thats how the site is gonna look like. It would be nice if you knew a lil bit php. Thats it, you can also add me to you msn if you want; Greetz Nick! Bill: Iggy please remember to delete the links
  9. but can i please get i button of you guys?
  10. lol, your raping the whole picture