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  1. Hello. So, I've made a little building with 3ds max, dff and txd works fine but there is a bug in the collision file. This is my code : -- CLIENT _models = { {"mapA","mapA","mapA",1784} } for k,v in pairs( _models ) do local dff, txd, col, id = unpack( v ) if col then local col_ = engineLoadCOL ( "models/"..col..".col" ) engineReplaceCOL ( col_, id ) end if txd then local txd_ = engineLoadTXD ( "models/"..txd..'.txd' ) engineImportTXD ( txd_, id ) end if dff then local dff_ = engineLoadDFF ( "models/"..dff..".dff" ) engineReplaceModel ( dff_, id ) end engineSetModelLODDistance( id, 500 ) end This is my meta.xml : <meta> <info author="Gordon_G" name="modls" version="1.0" type="script" /> <file src="models/mapA.dff" /> <file src="models/mapA.txd" /> <file src="models/mapA.col" /> <script src="models/model.replace.lua" type="client" /> </meta> Here, this is my collision file in coleditor : And, when I'm in game : When I'm running in the arrow sense, it's like if there was an invisible wall. But, there is no wall in the coleditor. It's not a shift between the dff and col because the other walls has good collisions. Any help ? I can upload my files if it can help.
  2. Hi, some days ago I made a topic in the scripting dedicated forum and no one could help me. I think this is not my script prob' it's a client's one. So, this is what I have : - I've a pickup in some interior and dimension (int 3, dim 1) - When I enter to this dimension and interior by setElementPosition, setElementInterior, setElementDimension, I can see this pickup - When I go far away this pickup and come back I can not see it anymore - When I restard the resource who creates the pickup I can see it again - When I come back to the interior by setElementPosition, setElementInterior, setElementDimension I can see the pickup again Here's a little video to show you the prob' :
  3. Very nice, I like it. 8/10 (I like HTML panel with video in background too )
  4. *up* I made a video to show you the bug :
  5. It's an helping forum, so don't ask for a script right here.
  6. @f8upd8 this is what I've understande until now : - The pickup disappear when I'm going to far from it. - The pickup appear-back when I change my interior to 0 for exemple and come back to interior 3 - The pickup appear-back when I restart the resource if I'm near from him @SuperCroz - I don't have this prob' when the pickup's interior is 0
  7. @SuperCroz well, when I get out from the interior and come back to the pickup pos I can see the pickup back.
  8. I don't hit the pickup, I juste move. same prob. I think it's that yes. But how can I improve the stream distance ?
  9. No, by walking, I don't change my interior or dimension between pic 1 and pic 2. It can't be the problem 'cause in pic 1 I see correctly the pickup. I've already tried, same problem.
  10. Hello. I've a big issue with pickup. So, my resource create some pickups in the interior 3 and dim 1. I can see them properly (pic 1) : Then, I go away, always in the same int and dim (pic 2) : And, when I come back in the first place (pic 3) : and I must restart de resource to see pickups back. It's really strange. I don't think it's my script's problem 'cause it works fine in the first case. However, this is my script for only one pickup : -- SERVER SIDE local x,y,z,int,dim = 355.87365722656, 151.42892456055, 1025.7890625, 3, 1 thePickup = createPickup( x, y, z, 3, 1242 ) setElementInterior( thePickup, int, x, y, z ) setElementDimension( thePickup, dim )
  11. Attached colShapes don't work with this event. You'll need to make a loop with getElementsWhithinColShape().
  12. So, if I understand correctly. When you are dead and you disconnect you want to be dead when you reconnect ? Use accountData or SQL.
  13. we can't help you only with this code. If it's your code please send all the interested part. You can post in your native language forum too https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/105-french-français/ (I can respond you, I speak french).
  14. @MIKI785 i did'nt know '#' could be used to get lenght of a given string, thank you !
  15. function animation(source) setPedAnimation( source, "ped", "gas_cwr") setTimer(pararanim, 5000, 2, source) end addCommandHandler ("toxic", animacion) function stopanimation(tp) setPedAnimation(tp,false) setTimer(animacion, 10000, 1, tp) end
  16. Paste your actually code.
  17. It's because you can't handle the /check command, it's already an MTA command, see here : https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Server_Commands
  18. setTimer(pararanim, 5000, 1, source) at line 4.
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    You can use this : getTickCount() and convert miliseconds in seconds etc...
  20. Hello. Here, function click ( button, state, sx, sy, x, y, z, elem, gui ) gui will always return false, because the event onClientGUIClick return only 4 values string button, string state, int absoluteX, int absoluteY Just remove the gui arg in the 'if' check.
  21. the '#' only can be used to get the lenght of a table. To get the lenght of the edit you can use : string.len( guiGetText( The_Edit_Box ) )
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    @Diverti will MeD for gta:sa works for mta ? Can it give a .map file ?
  23. I don't use element datas anymore because of the CPU usage and also for secure reasons. I use only one table and tree functions : datas_ = {} function setElementData_(element,data,value) if isElement(element) then if not datas_[element] then datas_[element] = {} end datas_[element][data] = value end end function getElementData_(element,data) if isElement(element) then if not datas_[element] or not datas_[element][data] then return false end return datas_[element][data] end end function dellAllElementData(element) datas_[element] = nil end