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  1. Could you be more specific ? Do you want the user the enter his discord's name ?
  2. To talk about the original question... The error is solvable easily Look, you've put "local" at the start of the line when you define you function local function getTooltip(name) If you add a "local" to a variable (wich can be a function, a string, an integer...) then you won't be able to access it directly from another file I guess you know what to do now, have a nice day.
  3. i'm not sure to understand but in lua you can declare a local function, is that what you want to do ?
  4. GetAttachedElements doesn't work with the bone_attach resource since the attached objects aren't attached with attachElements
  5. you could store the attached weapon object in an element data (setElementData) then retrieve this element data client-sidely (getElementData) once the player is aiming and hiding the object with setElementAlpha OR you could not use element datas (cause it has a lot of security issues and lacks of performance) and send the object manually to client side (triggerClientEvent)
  6. then pass the estimated cost clientside when you call the client side's gui
  7. I may have a solution. When you attach your ped to an element (like an object) and then destroy that element it turns the light back on the peds (so the bug is solved) However I don't know if it always work, I just noticed that while I was scripting
  8. 1 - Download an image like this one (or make it yourself) https://www.google.fr/search?q=transparent+with+black+vignette&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwjwpvrU96zpAhX6gM4BHcEBC8oQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq=transparent+with+black+vignette&gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQAzoECCMQJzoECAAQQzoCCAA6BAgAEB46BAgAEBM6CAgAEAgQHhATOgYIABAIEB46BggAEAUQHlCcnAZYnbgGYKq5BmgAcAB4AIABQIgB9wiSAQIyMJgBAKABAaoBC2d3cy13aXotaW1n&sclient=img&ei=1Nu5XvDsO_qBur4PwYOs0Aw&bih=631&biw=1366#imgrc=dXC6_MSyTzxFAM 2 - Add it to your resource's meta.xml by adding a line like this one <file src="your name file.extensi
  9. Working on something a bit different.
  10. Try to debug it by adding some iprint where you have an IF and print the life of the source etc so you can see where the issue comes from
  11. Il manque un end ligne 38 pour clore la condition de la ligne 31.
  12. For performance reason I don't advise you to do that on a server with a lot of people connected
  13. Gordon_G

    Acl vehicle

    No we won't do your job, we can explain you but we are not your slaves isObjectInACLGroup function requires two args as it's written on the mta's wiki isObjectInACLGroup ( string theObject, aclgroup theGroup ) First argument : theObject: the name of the object to check. Examples: "resource.ctf", "user.Jim". - source : wiki What is interesting us here is the "user.Jim" example because we want to know if the driver is an admin Maybe we could do something with it, like assembling "user." and the player's account name isObjectInACLGroup ( "user."..accName, aclgroup
  14. Well, if the map is created from a serverside LUA's file do you really need to encrypt it ?
  15. I can see that you use the "db" resource by exporting, is the function in this resource returning the dbConnection ?
  16. I've worked on it, it's a very difficult subject In fact if you use setPedControlState, you'll have a lot of issue Firstly, it'll depends on client's framerate because this function is client side also you might have sync issues The best thing I could advise you is to freeze the player, then move him with setElementPosition every frame and during this process using setPedControlState to make him acts like if he was walking Or you could synchronise the position of your bots with the server so they are synchronized
  17. [BETA] GDayZ https://streamable.com/h5p9u - Inventory, Loot About me Hello, I'm a scripter from France, I practice this activity since 2 years but I have never released any project. Today I'd like to introduce you my project : GDayZ (meaning Gordon DayZ of course). Years ago I was playing MTA DayZ on many servers and I was like : "Yeah, that's cool, but those server are always the same, many bugs, many cheat, boring af". That's how I started working on my project in october 2018. My goal was to bring about a revolution on MTA DayZ.I h
  18. That's not possible if this script is on server side Take a look at dimensions maybe
  19. I really like it, it's ambitious (for once on MTA) If you need help I'm here
  20. I think the "dev server" is a pretty bad idea, in fact, you really should let your scripter do it on his local machine
  21. I don't know how you can use string.gsub but you could just do your table all in lower case From local values = {"Hi", "Hello", "Hey"} To local values = {"hi", "hello", "hey"} And use string.lower( string ) In order to set the player's input in lower case
  22. A getElementData everu second and for every player (?) what a good optimisation
  23. Gordon_G


    You can wait one day
  24. That's beautiful, honestly The background's buildings makes it look really realistic
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