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  1. Gordon_G

    Help Ha

    from wiki : marker createMarker ( float x, float y, float z [, string theType = "checkpoint", float size = 4.0, int r = 0, int g = 0, int b = 255, int a = 255, visibleTo = getRootElement( ) ] ) Replace getRootElement with the player's variable
  2. Gordon_G

    Help for some things

    That's because you do not have to specify what player you want to outputChatBox off when you use it client side function highPing() local ping = getPlayerPing(getLocalPlayer()) if (ping > 100) then outputChatBox('#990033 ' .. getPlayerName(source) .. ' #ffffffhas high ping.', 250, 255, 250, true) end end addCommandHandler("ping", highPing)
  3. Gordon_G

    [HELP] How to save table datas?

    Using toJSON and fromJSON you can convert a table to a string You can save the string in a database, an XML file or even a txt file
  4. Gordon_G

    [Help] Respawn Empty Vehicles

    That's exactly what I did
  5. Gordon_G

    [Help] Respawn Empty Vehicles

    No it's an helping script section, we are not supposed to give you full scripts
  6. Gordon_G

    [Help] Respawn Empty Vehicles

    From wiki : https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetVehicleOccupants local counter = 0 for seat, player in pairs(getVehicleOccupants(pseudoVehicle)) do counter = counter + 1 end outputDebugString("Players in your vehicle: ".. counter) So you can use this to get how much player there are in the specified vehicle Then you can use respawnVehicle
  7. You've had exactly the same problem that I had, I originally scripted my editor pretty badly and I recently had to rewrite it properly (and that's a really long process) Good luck
  8. function table.contains(t, d) for _, v in pairs(t) do if v == d then return true end end return false end You could also use this function (I have an entire code for table comparing with this code so it can work with it)
  9. Gordon_G

    Database question

    Yeah or you could just let the default MTA account system and store account's data in your custom database
  10. What do you mean by compare ?
  11. Gordon_G

    [SHOW] My personal mapping tool

    I will realease it when I will rel my gamemode Thanks, I will keep updating this I just had a question, how do you manage to create border around the object in your map editor ? Is that a shader ? Thanks
  12. Gordon_G

    [SHOW] My personal mapping tool

    Hi, I created my own mapping tool for MTA SA, it's not complete as the CodyJ(L)'s one but I wanted something precise, with custom textures, light and adaptable Well, I am not a really good mapper to be honest but here are two timelapses of mappings (sorry for the quality on the first one) :
  13. Gordon_G

    Create one shader but replace multiple textures

    Edit : nevermind
  14. Gordon_G

    Recherche d'un scripteur

    Ca me semble très compliqué pour un développeur gratuit, déjà qu'on en trouve pas dans la section internationale alors dans la section française... Bonne chance, il va en falloir