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  1. Gordon_G

    What does garbagecollect do?

    Thanks for your time
  2. Gordon_G

    What does garbagecollect do?

    You're right, that's now interesting me too
  3. Gordon_G

    What does garbagecollect do?

    Could you link what you are talking about ?
  4. Gordon_G

    Fortnite map ?

    I will create fortnite animation dance soonly, it can be interesting
  5. Gordon_G

    Save texture to a file

    Wow, i didn't know that was possible. Thanks again.
  6. Gordon_G

    TriggerServerEvent for a single person

    Yeah, outputChatBox is showing for every client because you have to put the player argument after the string. Take a look : outputChatBox
  7. Gordon_G

    Save texture to a file

    @MIKI785 Oh dude you are saving my a** thanks to you i've got every vehicles image
  8. Gordon_G

    Save texture to a file

    Hi, I'm actually trying to make a script that could save the player's screen to a file local s = dxCreateScreenSource ( 1366, 768 ) local b = dxUpdateScreenSource ( s ) if b then -- ... end Is it possible to save the "s" texture to a png file for example ?
  9. Gordon_G

    setWeaponProperty(x, "damage", "poor", y)

    Huh... That's boring that we can't use setWeaponProperty. Anyway, thanks.
  10. I have a problem with this thing. Well, when I try to change this property for weapons it's always different. Let's take an example : If I do setWeaponProperty("Deagle", "damage", "poor", 90) It will deal 30 damage to the player. But, if I do setWeaponProperty("Shotgun", "damage", "poor", 10) It will deal 50 damage to the player. I think it has something to do with default weapon's damage but, should I use "onClientPlayerDamage" instead, cancel the event and then apply the damage ? That's pretty fastidious.
  11. Gordon_G

    Draw This for Any Resolution [HELP]

    @TheMOG is right, you should store the elementData in a client side variable that you actualize when elementData change
  12. Gordon_G

    [Help] setPlayerName

    You should try to stop the "joinquit" resource
  13. Gordon_G

    Player died drop money

    You don't need to be a pro-lua scripter to copy that code and put it in a .lua file. Just read the scripting introduction on the wiki and you'll know what to do.
  14. Gordon_G

    Recherche scripteur !

    Je suis un scripteur aguerris bien que j'ai fait une longue pause, je suis d'ailleurs entrain de créer mon propre script Roleplay de A à Z en solo, j'ai du boulot mais c'est vachement intéressant. Je vais passer sur ton discord à l'occasion.
  15. Gordon_G

    [FR] Metro 2033 RP

    Tu aurais des screens à nous partager ?