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  1. Gordon_G

    Vehicles disappear on disconnect

    That's not possible if this script is on server side Take a look at dimensions maybe
  2. Gordon_G

    MTA MarsX

    I really like it, it's ambitious (for once on MTA) If you need help I'm here
  3. I think the "dev server" is a pretty bad idea, in fact, you really should let your scripter do it on his local machine
  4. Gordon_G

    [HELP] Case sensitive table

    I don't know how you can use string.gsub but you could just do your table all in lower case From local values = {"Hi", "Hello", "Hey"} To local values = {"hi", "hello", "hey"} And use string.lower( string ) In order to set the player's input in lower case
  5. Gordon_G

    Cancel Wanted

    A getElementData everu second and for every player (?) what a good optimisation
  6. Gordon_G


    You can wait one day
  7. That's beautiful, honestly The background's buildings makes it look really realistic
  8. Gordon_G

    F11 map texture

    I meant, it's impossible by scripting Here you are talking about LOCAL files
  9. Gordon_G

    F11 map texture

    Yeah you don't want to create but you can't replace, so you have to create one
  10. Gordon_G

    [Question] Help with choosing best VPS

    You could just google it, well, I guess
  11. Gordon_G

    Getting an applied shader/texture's world position?

    I didn't understand
  12. Gordon_G


    Yeah, it looks a bit like an arrow A bullet from this distance is not 100% precise of course, but not that much
  13. Gordon_G

    How to add updates

    That's sympatic that your friend gave you a cool login panel but he didn't gave us So we can not guess the code
  14. Gordon_G

    Help Ha

    from wiki : marker createMarker ( float x, float y, float z [, string theType = "checkpoint", float size = 4.0, int r = 0, int g = 0, int b = 255, int a = 255, visibleTo = getRootElement( ) ] ) Replace getRootElement with the player's variable