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  1. Très bien n'hésite pas, j'essaierai de t'aiguiller ensuite
  2. Salut, Pour commnencer tu as besoin d'une base de donnée (SQL=base de donnée sur un serveur/SQLite=base de donnée locale, dans un fichier), pour l'instant on va partir sur du sqlite. Pour ça tu aura besoin de la fonction dbConnect Tu trouveras par ailleurs sur le wiki toute l'aide dont tu as besoin pour créer ta base de donnée Bien, je ne sais pas si tu sais comment fonctionne une base de donnée mais à vrai dire c'est relativement simple. Une base de donnée est composée de tables qui elles-mêmes contiennent des colonnes. Ensuite, on insère des enregistrements (dont d
  3. I don't know wich setting allowed that, I wasn't the server owner and it's been a long time since then (it in 2016 or earlier so I don't remember pricesely to be honest ^^' )
  4. Cheating - if you mean like giving weapons and so on like on other multiplayer mods, it's almost impossible (or well, i dont know how). The only cheat I've already seen is possible walking through walls by removing their collision on their game's files but you can easily counter it by restricting allowed mods in server.conf Theft - This might be the hardest part but here are some sulutions provided by @Dutchman101 Some others here : Hacking - I guess you might talk about a client injecting stuff in their client-side part. The best way to counter this is by ALWAYS ve
  5. Actually, you can only replace base gta sa's object with MTA Take a look here https://dev.prineside.com/en/gtasa_samp_model_id/ Let's search for example the 18365 object Here it's a gta sa object, so you can replace it without any issue But for the model 19214 (wich you are currently browsing), here is what it gives us : As you can see, it's an SA-MP model ID so you can't replace it on MTA (in fact, this ID just doesnt exist in MTA)
  6. I understand, thanks for your answer
  7. Hi, Isn't the use of OOP better (i mean, faster) to do this kind of position transformation ?
  8. Could you be more specific ? Do you want the user the enter his discord's name ?
  9. To talk about the original question... The error is solvable easily Look, you've put "local" at the start of the line when you define you function local function getTooltip(name) If you add a "local" to a variable (wich can be a function, a string, an integer...) then you won't be able to access it directly from another file I guess you know what to do now, have a nice day.
  10. i'm not sure to understand but in lua you can declare a local function, is that what you want to do ?
  11. GetAttachedElements doesn't work with the bone_attach resource since the attached objects aren't attached with attachElements
  12. you could store the attached weapon object in an element data (setElementData) then retrieve this element data client-sidely (getElementData) once the player is aiming and hiding the object with setElementAlpha OR you could not use element datas (cause it has a lot of security issues and lacks of performance) and send the object manually to client side (triggerClientEvent)
  13. then pass the estimated cost clientside when you call the client side's gui
  14. I may have a solution. When you attach your ped to an element (like an object) and then destroy that element it turns the light back on the peds (so the bug is solved) However I don't know if it always work, I just noticed that while I was scripting
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