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  1. Gastonito

    Map Converter

    try this :
  2. Gastonito


    Bump, this is the final thing : Server : local mute_time = {} addEvent("onAdminMute", true) addEventHandler("onAdminMute", root, function (player, time) iprint("OK") if (not isElement(player)) then return end if (mute_time[player] or not time) then mute_time[player] = nil setPlayerMuted(player, false) outputChatBox(getPlayerName(player).. " has been unmuted by "..getPlayerName(client)) return end setPlayerMuted(player, true) mute_time[player] = getRealTime().timestamp + time end ) setTimer( function () for player, time in pairs(mute_time) do if (not isElement(player)) then mute_time[player] = nil else if (getRealTime().timestamp >= time) then outputChatBox(getPlayerName(player).. " has been unmuted by Console") setPlayerMuted(player, false) mute_time[player] = nil end end end end, 1000, 0) Client : addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", root, function() if (source == mywind[18]) then local time = guiGridListGetSelectedItem(mywind[2]) local player = guiGridListGetItemText(mywind[16], guiGridListGetSelectedItem(mywind[16], 1)) if (time and player) then player = getPlayerFromName(player) if (not isElement(player)) then return end time = (time == 0 and 60*1000 or time == 1 and 120*1000 or time == 2 and 180*1000 or time == 3 and 240*1000 or time == 4 and 300*1000 or time == 5 ) triggerServerEvent("onAdminMute", root, player, time) return end elseif (source == mywind[17]) then local player = guiGridListGetItemText(mywind[16], guiGridListGetSelectedItem(mywind[16], 1)) if (player) then player = getPlayerFromName(player) if (not isElement(player)) then return end triggerServerEvent("onAdminMute", root, player) end end end ) The script isnt showing any error, but the mute thing isnt getting triggered, any help please ? i keep pressing on "Mute" button but Nothing happpens nor i'm getting any errors
  3. Yeh i tried it and it worked, here is the full script if you want it :!8UNTnJTD!qjFvY4FPJ2GgLDKYUrdN1xfVEb0t4helBi_ciLHi6ls Thanks for helping, but i'm still ineterested, i want to know how did you do this
  4. I can get through the door, but it's still there
  5. Gastonito

    Server Error

    Yeh i did that already and it got fixed, i didnt want to do it at first because i didnt want to loose my downloaded mods and SSs, anyways i made a backup of them then reinstalled MTA.
  6. Gastonito

    Server Error

    Yo i need some help with this thing: As you can see the deathmatch.dll exists there, but it's not working.
  7. Yeh exactly, thats what i want to know, i've been trying to do that and it seems that the col should be edited. Nope, the gate is a part of the building as Zorgman said so the whole building will get removed like that.
  8. Hey guys, i want to remove this jail door but idk how : Can anyone help me ?
  9. Gastonito


    Well guys thanks to @Tomas the script is done, here is it : Server side : Client Side : But the weird thing that i'm getting this error : Any idea how o fix it please ?
  10. Gastonito


    Which is not working is that as you can see in the SS there are many options of the mute time, 1 mins, 2 mins, 1 hour, etc .. anywas, the script that i've made works only for 480000 which should be 8 mins
  11. Gastonito


    Anyone please ?
  12. Gastonito


    This is what i could do : server side : addEvent( "onPlayerMuteClient", true ) local function handle_mute( thePlayer, theTime ) if ( ( thePlayer ) and ( theTime or 0 ) ) then theTime = theTime or 480000 setPlayerMuted( thePlayer, true ) setTimer( function( thePlayer ) setPlayerMuted( thePlayer, false ) end, theTime, 1, thePlayer ) end end -- EVENT HANDLERS addEventHandler( "onPlayerMuteClient", root, handle_mute ) Client side : if source == mywind[18] then nameplayermute = guiGridListGetItemText ( mywind[2], guiGridListGetSelectedItem ( mywind[16] ), 1 ) jail = guiGridListGetItemText ( mywind[16], guiGridListGetSelectedItem ( mywind[16] ), 1 ) if jail and nameplayerjail then triggerServerEvent( "onPlayerMuteClient", thePlayerBeingMuted, thePlayerBeingMuted, theTime ) end
  13. Gastonito


    Any help please ?
  14. Gastonito


    So, hey guys. I've been working on a staff panel lately, its like a panel for trial admins. There is Something that i couldnt do This is the panel : I've made all the functions except one, the mute thing, i didnt know how to do it, so can you help me with it ? I could only do the gui thing, here is it : I will appreciate it alot if you do the whole thing for me