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    5 more seconds of display time would be enough, IMO. Disclaimer, lol. Click Agree or disagree.
  2. I love the sound of the hammer.
  3. Dank


    Anyone able to help a noob I'm trying to setup mtas, I've upload the files, modified the config.php but don't understand a few of the instructions. chmod +0666 /path/to/save/logs
  4. Mmm, is cheddar better?
  5. Dank


    Strange because MoTD.txt is usually used for rules and admin contact information. Don't remember seeing many quotes... But I am just goin by a few multiplayer games I've played... Quake2 Quake3 HalfLife UT UT2k3 GlobalOps RTCW BF1942
  6. Is that a no on the flyswatters? Or hammers, like that smash the groundhog game at the town fair. I think we have something here. Who's special??
  7. That sounds cool, I had a simliar idea.. put giant fly swatters on top of them, you can to smash each other into the pavement. Maybe get the beach ball goin to. werd
  8. Shouldn't be the linksys. I run mta just fine with a linksys befsr41. Tried compatibility mode?
  9. In My Opinion Can hardly wait, one more thing for people to complain about. So and so shot me with my chat bubble up. Mommy! Nothing like Mexican carnage or a shitgun party.
  10. Dank


    Agreed, even a /motd command would be nice.
  11. Dank


    Is there anyway to have the motd display longer than what it currently does. Doesn't really give a player enough time to read it. spanks
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