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  1. [JS]United[VC|Gta3]

    Cool , could you move them further away? or maybe make it so players can move the maps where they want?
  2. [JS]United[VC|Gta3]

    Oops , i didn't even notice the , but i can't wait to see the "lot more editability."
  3. [JS]United[VC|Gta3]

    Would there be a way to seperate the streamer and the table with positions/modelids and stuff? Because what if for example i would want to move certain object? (Since the lua is compiled)
  4. Bug on Vice City map

    The player spawns near the objects thus not loading the object Solution: Spawn the player somewhere out of the world and then spawn him again in vice city after he logs in
  5. Need help MTA SA vice city map

    Add LOD's
  6. [Show] Vice City Continued

    Called "scene2res" and notepad++
  7. [Question] LOD on .map?

    There should be an option in Map Editor to use LOD's Look in the settings
  8. Problem with map conversion

    I didn't use any of MTA map editors My map was using San Vice as a base , so i used MED (Map Editor for San Andreas Singleplayer) to load the whole San Vice map on my second gta installation then i was copying the positions to (or whatever is your .map named)
  9. Problem with map conversion

    Firstly it "Warning's Long Execution" because its not for Map Editor Secondly: Its in one dimension since its like a placed map objects Thirdly: Map Editor sets your dimension to 500? i think or something different , you can change that in map editor files
  10. banned from all serves

    You propably installed a cheat called "Galaretka"
  11. [BLENDER] Invisible walls

    Your Collision is too detailed Make it lower quality
  12. i can't shoot while moving

    It doesn't have Required animations , so it won't work afaik
  13. Map

    It would be like 800mb and if you convert the newest one then something around 1,4gb
  14. Build for another sa mods

  15. Cop Colt45 [Progress]

    Yep i know that its visible to only player , i said that before Also no , its not possible to Force GTA 3.img and about the animation arm bug , then i don't know