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  1. You can't on samp
  2. Back again Working on the Golden gate and starting Yacht soon
  3. ^ for physics then you need to change the id's of lamp posts and stuff (+ remove the collision files from the resource) for timecyc that is impossible But there's another way where you can make a script that Gets certain time of day and sets the sky colour
  4. You would need to reconvert the map with Scene2res or change all positions manually (Or maybe someone has a tool which can simply replace the positions?) But if you want to make it like CodyL (where he had SA and VC map togeher) then it would require more than just swapping the positions , since it changes San Andreas models to VC ones I made it on 0 0 0 to make it easier , not go out of bounds and make the Radar easily replacable
  5. I would like to know too lmao Im not that much into scripting , sorry
  6. You would need to edit the model its already attached to the Police Departament
  7. They propably have a custom weapon system 2 Examples: 1 - Replacing an object with a weapon , making normal weapon invisible , attaching replaced object to the hand 2 - Replacing an weapon with element data , for example if you have element data Rifle:416 then you have 416 as m4 , when you have Rifle:417 then you have 417 as m4
  8. Yeah i was giving an example because im not that good in scripting
  9. crry_prtial - this animation is partial Partial animations allow player to move , just do few things with animation flags (3x True and false at the end of setpedanimation) and it will work
  10. And also there's an animation https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Animations#carry
  11. Its something related to the model or collision propably
  12. Thats not fixable i think or either modyfing every collision file would fix it
  13. Dead ATM Either ill continue it later or either its dead for good or even rework it to something different
  14. change fpslimit to 100 and delete lagfix.luac from meta.xml
  15. Not much stuff is going on right now Im remaking the whole map , im starting from 0