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  1. Need help MTA SA vice city map

    Add LOD's
  2. [Show] Vice City Continued

    Called "scene2res" and notepad++
  3. [Question] LOD on .map?

    There should be an option in Map Editor to use LOD's Look in the settings
  4. Problem with map conversion

    I didn't use any of MTA map editors My map was using San Vice as a base , so i used MED (Map Editor for San Andreas Singleplayer) to load the whole San Vice map on my second gta installation then i was copying the positions to (or whatever is your .map named)
  5. Problem with map conversion

    Firstly it "Warning's Long Execution" because its not for Map Editor Secondly: Its in one dimension since its like a placed map objects Thirdly: Map Editor sets your dimension to 500? i think or something different , you can change that in map editor files
  6. banned from all serves

    You propably installed a cheat called "Galaretka"
  7. [BLENDER] Invisible walls

    Your Collision is too detailed Make it lower quality
  8. i can't shoot while moving

    It doesn't have Required animations , so it won't work afaik
  9. Map

    It would be like 800mb and if you convert the newest one then something around 1,4gb
  10. Build for another sa mods

  11. Cop Colt45 [Progress]

    Yep i know that its visible to only player , i said that before Also no , its not possible to Force GTA 3.img and about the animation arm bug , then i don't know
  12. Cop Colt45 [Progress]

    You actually can change stuff in gta3.img You need to enable "Use modified files" in settings I know because i did it before (Using modified animations like Rifle.ifp , Colt45.Ifp and also Ped.ifp from anims folder)
  13. shooting while moving

    Dunno then
  14. GTA:SA Scene2Res Converter

    You can also use Notepad++ and replace every 5553 with 1315
  15. Cop Colt45 [Progress]

    ^ Yes , thats it And im saying that P flag is in weapon.dat Here's improved version of what i wanted to say: 0x000004 - uses 1st person aim - False 0x000008 - can only use free aiming - True Then edit colt45.ifp and replace normal aim with cop aim