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  1. Nothing you have done here is yours. This is, in fact, my old server, which was leaked by a rogue scripter who goes by the name of Maxxe. I created all of the mapping and features that isn't already Owl Gaming for this, along with my scripter Junx. Close up and make your own community. "BCRP is back and online!" Yeah no, it's not, this is fake.
  2. Hey there, thank you for checking out this post. I would like to begin by explaining why I'm in need of experienced and talented mappers. I have a community named Bone County Roleplay, we have been around for a month or so now and we've had about thirty players daily, we are content with our community and our player-base, however unfortunately, I am the only mapper and I feel that I'm not able to create content to a high enough standard to display within the server. The staff team discussed that we want to move into Red County, rather than Bone County in the near future, so as I being the only mapper, took on the challenge of reforming Red County into a place in which looks pleasant and aesthetically pleasing, whilst maintaining a realistic and role-play approach. So yes, that's pretty much it, if you're interested in assisting us, it would be greatly appreciated, you would be recognised and credited within the community as a mapper or contributer and if you decided to play, we would reward you with donation perks for helping. We have the ability to use SAMP objects in-game, as we have a resource that adds in the useful items, such as walls and door-frames. Our forums: I will show some screenshots of my creations below:
  3. Asteria

    [BUG] Error while changing scale from the objects

    I would recommend setting collisions to 'false' and then using a gate or a fence and hiding it inside the object to create a make-shift collision box. (=
  4. Asteria

    Removing an object from GTA SA *Problem*

    The information others have provided is incorrect, in order to remove objects that you have placed, but are unable to select can be found in the current elements tab, found in the top right of your screen, simply search the object name, double click the object you desire to remove, then hit the delete key on your keyboard. If it's a world object which the World Object Remover function is unable to remove, I suggest you get SA:MP map editor, delete the object and convert the pawn to .lua.
  5. Asteria

    How do I remove these world objects?

    To remove world objects you need to use the World Object remover function which is shown below, it's in the bottom left of your screen when you're in the editor.
  6. Asteria

    No Remove World Object tool

    I would suggest reinstalling your MTA client in attempts to fix this problem, if that fails, get back to me and I can send send you my client.
  7. Asteria

    Removing Objects in MTA Map Editor for SAMP

    It is quite possible, to remove objects you can use the World Object remover function which is displayed in the bottom left of your editor.