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  1. The subject is also a quote. Well...more a parody of a quote, but still from the show being talked about.
  2. I'd like to second the simple fact that they don't owe you shit and add that it's only been idle for like six months. I believe the last time the core progress bar moved was some time around .3 realease.
  3. In case no one else checked yet and is curious, the host (or at least that IP) is located where eAi said. I'm too slow. I also get 110-115ms.
  4. Hmm, I'd like to clarify what I was saying there. I only have 80 points, and I'm only trying to get a 150 point wall light with there still being two months left in the game. I was simply noting what would be a dumbass thing to do. There, that's better.
  5. That is really strange - I just downloaded the newest tool and tried it myself. I can't find any way to make the dropdown selectable. No big deal though - just edit your mtaserver.cfg on the "gamemode" line. 1 is deathmatch, and 2 is stunt.
  6. Also make sure you're not rapidly mashing the use key in an attempt to play MTA even sooner. This will usually crash it to the desktop.
  7. There is also 2126 and 4003, which you can always try opening, but they shouldn't be needed for you to play on a remote server - they are used when hosting.
  8. Are you trying to host a server which no one can see, or are you just trying to play on another server (from ASE or whatever) and can't see anyone?
  9. Unfortunately some of us have lots of money, but live in a hole where such things actually aren't available. Some day damnit!! Some day!
  10. Which machine is the server on, and how are you connecting to it when you test it (externally via internet, or LAN)? Also, what brand is your router? Some are pretty difficult to convice that you really do want ports opened up. Here is the config on my Netgear. This is a deathmatch and a stunt server on two different physical machines, both are setup to register with ASE, and both can be remotely admined.
  11. Fiiiiiine, I'll just sit on my ass and play MTA for a while longer.
  12. Perhaps someone has misinformed you, or you're thinking of a different game. These are the only two modes available to set in the .cfg file for MTA server. (clip of actual mtaserver.cfg file) # GameMode # Required: Yes and MUST be set to 1 (Regular) or 2 (Stunt) # Purpose: Defines the Game Mode that the Server will be running (and in turn all Client's will be force to use for this Server) # Notes: # 1 - Regular (mta.scm which holds regular deathmatch) # 2 - Stunt (mtas.scm which holds stunt gameplay) GameMode 2 That's not to say a bunch of people couldn't set up their own game
  13. That'll happen with those things that don't exist. Perhaps you heard about that in the "suggestions" section? Some of those modes may come in the future, but right now there is only deathmatch and stunt mode.
  14. Wow that site is extremely impressive, and by impressive, I mean really really crappy. Good job on implementing a ban system MTA team - you people have done so much work without asking anything in return. We should all be so lucky that you try to clean up the cheaters.
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