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  1. Hello there, I am the owner Turkiye Roleplay server. LUA Coder my team needs. Coder who wants to work with our team of friends can contact me. Da Script Server is not only, it will take place as Developer. The highest rank developer. It never will be a partner. Contact us! The important thing is not to become a professional, self-confidence. Skype: The.Pro.Best
  2. Merhabalar, profesyonel ve işinden anlayan bir scripter arıyorum. Profesyonel olmasada bilgisi olup kendine inanan ve güvenen bir ekip arkadaşı aramaktayız. Turkiye Roleplay ekibi olarak scripter olacak kişi sunucumuza Developer olarak alınacaktır. Developer sunucudaki en büyük rütbe. Benimde rütbem Developer bir nevi ortağım olacak farklı konulardada detaylı bir şekilde konuşulabilir. Yukarıdaki gibi kendine güvenen Scripter, Lua bilgisi olan arkadaşlarım konuya yorum atabilir veya Skype'yi ekliyebilirler. Skype: The.Pro.Best
  3. Hello MTA and the moderators. I own a server in MTA. I had to /reconnect on my server and after I did that, the MB was loading and freezing when it comes to half. So I thought restarting could help, so I restarted the game. When I did so, I saw the error message on the screenshot below. Not getting into my own server for 7 days is quite bad for me. This ban should be removed. I have to update and develop my server. Thanks in advance. Best Regards, PedroLanges Image link: http://i.hizliresim.com/OMpEB3.jpg
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