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  1. omg u guys are so paranoid, i simply said the UK cause the web site statistics thingy TOLD ME someONE from the UK had been there, jesus get a sense of humor.(if you actually went to the site u might know why i put it there) while ur banning me for allegedly tracking ips ban onion for havning a script/picture that could 'possibly' store all our ips in his database along with whatever other magical information that you all think an ip can just tell you. And of course i have bin ladens phone number...... i found it when i hacked his network once he visited my page. and why do i care who surf's
  2. hahaha dgtadud, dont worry the amount of the times that page has run on my comp while trying to get the code and nobody saw the telnet windows? they should come up as well and the different programs are different default programs ie outlook or notepad for email btw i know where you all live (yeh im talkin to u, the one in the UK)
  3. If you encounter any cheats or hacks in MTA simply inform of the wesite url removed p.s do not go to that website this has been a public service annoucement
  4. Aba|)|)on

    What we do

    If you had read the last bit i offered a solution that was ignored so im gonna say it again in the hope the devs think this is a good idea. A suggestion to accomdate for everyone is to release 2 versions of the mta game (yes i do know that means more work,but maybe less than making a new anticheat system). One is a version that is completly unchecked, no crc, no trainer dection or anything (This can be used for LAN or basically anything that the 'hacking' people want to use if for, there would be no point going to a server if it had the no-crc checks if u wanted a proper game,it would be o
  5. Aba|)|)on

    What we do

    Thank you MTA team your work has allowed me to spend hours enojoying my favorite game in multiplayer, although has made a few assignments late . Not that i cheat or condone cheating. I agree with nearly everything everyone has said here.And to make it clear from the start I have NEVER used a god mode cheat or wepons cheat or anything else that can help me kill ppl (i like a challenge). But what i think that smithy meant was not cheating but modifiying cars,textures etc.. mta also made me explore every aspect of gta from models to map mods(Yes map mods can be used for cheating but if ur do
  6. im sure there was a good reason for not allowing modding of gta3.img (gta3.dir to be exact ) what is it? the only reason i ask is i like modifying my car skins and because of this i am now forced to use a mtaclient hack (i do not use any forms of cheating such as weapon/health hacks so dont bother bringing that up)
  7. is there a BF injection on the map? i have seen someone in one but they could of been cheating, im not sure and if theres not ....there should be
  8. Would it be possible to spawn NPC's bodygaurds/car for use in missions/game modes and such? *i am NOT talking about general traffic and pedestrians*
  9. so in a short drag the angel would beat a cheetah or hotring ?
  10. yeah but the code would have to be pritty selective cause u would get alot off ppl falling thru the ground when u get out from ground level (or close to)
  11. everyone thinks racing is a mad idea so ive improved it to add some more exhileration to some races at the start of the race 1 of the cars provided has a bomb in it when somebody go past a random checkpoint have that set off the bomb timer which appears for all players yet nobody will know who has the bomb untill they explode need a bit more thought tho
  12. the rope insnt a must , if it is too hard then the effort should be spent elsewhere but the abilty to (properly) exit from a heli 15 meters high is the main part
  13. are you talking about only 4 actors can be place inside a cars memory allocation? what if seperate code we used to lock the players zyx to an offest of the trucks zyx? but now this basically is talking about this thread http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=4804
  14. it doesnt ahve to be exact im just saying that if they could include a feature that uses the idea of absailing down a rope this is pure conjecture but sounds about what would have to happen -spawns a swat guy at whatever offset from centre of heli is -has it play the animation of going down while the character is moved along z axis for however many meters the heli is off ground -then plays the landing(rolling) animation possible at the same time the game could play another animation( the rope) which has no real effect on the person goin down the rope
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