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  1. Yes i know that. But I need gridlist to make that inventory work well I was thinking to set it as dx gridlist but that gridlist dont have two functions that I need ( guiGridListClear and guiGridListGetSelectedItem ) everything else what I needed have dx gridlist too.
  2. Hello community, I just wanted ask if I can change or remove background for button and gridlist and if yes then how. Becouse I am creating a inventory and need change its background to white or just remove its backgrounds so only text stays visible. Thanks.
  3. I know but I need somehow make that if the player buys one from shop script automatic generate the interior in dimension with other base interiors and make a marker for player where he can enter his base but that marker will be visible only for him or his group mates. So I need make script for automatic generation of base from pattern. I mean that I create some example base and then use it for script that will be generate it automatic after players payment.
  4. Yeah i want make that bases what are in gta online. I could use interior dymension and then just port user in his base with tp function. But the question is how to get work that automatic generation.
  5. Hello community, I am wondering if it is posible to make an layout for underground base and then create script that will create a copy of that layout to every player who buys it in shop and make for him a marker for enterance on one of enterance locations on map. But that enterance marker should be visible only for that player or his group becouse his and other player marker should be on same location due to limitation of possible enterance marker positions.
  6. Oh what a stupid mistake. Anyway thanks a lot man.
  7. Here is the full script. Everything works even textures for VEGETATION and for LAB X 18 (old A51 area) but the textures for BUILDINGS and DECORATIONS are not (that is the problem for them only works colision and model) addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() -- VEGETÁCIA - VEGETATION --// MODELY - MODELS Elmred_hi = engineLoadDFF("modely/objekty/priroda/Elmred_hi.dff", 0); Elmred_hism = engineLoadDFF("modely/objekty/priroda/Elmred_hism.dff", 0); Elmtreegrn_hi = engineLoadDFF("modely/objekty/priroda/Elmtreegrn_hi.dff", 0); Elmtreegrn_hism = engi
  8. They are correct. @LopSided_ That models I download from site for example this one https://libertycity.net/files/gta-san-andreas/94243-dva-razvalennye-verandy-iz-s.t.a.l.k.e.r.html So they should have working textures.
  9. Hello MTA community, I recently add some custom objects to my map DFF and COL works fine but textures are missing. Idk why becouse the script is correct without errors or something else here is small part of it: engineImportTXD(hostelTXD, 3167); engineImportTXD(stanica_bus1TXD, 3600); engineImportTXD(stanica_bus2TXD, 10031); engineImportTXD(office_panelakTXD, 4550); engineImportTXD(knihkupectvoTXD, 1515); engineImportTXD(dom1TXD, 11469); engineImportTXD(dom2TXD, 3621); engineImportTXD(dom3TXD, 3827); engineImportTXD(dom4TXD, 11501); engineIm
  10. Well it works again. I found that accidentally delete that file from editor_main so I redownload editor and it works again. This topic can be lock.
  11. Greetings community, My Map Editor started throw a error in console but when I connect to server it is all loaded up but I am missing that bottom left bar and editor wont load any map so I cant edit map or create new ones. So then I saw error in console "ERROR: edf\edf.lua:220: editor_main: couldn't load edf file" But I dont make changes to edf file... So I dont know why it start throwing that error. Can someone help me with this? Thanks and have a good day or night (Idk what time it is in your country...) :).
  12. Hello community, I just want ask you if there is possible to add custom objects without replacing another to map editor or it its just possible to do it that way eat replacing a existing one. Thanks
  13. I saw some a some months ago but cant find them now so I just want ask if someone dont know about some.
  14. Hello guys, I am creating a map for my new gamemode and I am sarching for some objects for post apocalyptic style like vehicle / plane / helicopter wrecks, corpses and something like that. So I was searching on google for that objects but can't find them so I want just ask you if you dont know about some. Thanks for any help.
  15. Hello MTA community, I was searching for some collision ID list but cant find it anywhere and I need know IDs for these collision files and one texture file that I cant find ID anywhere. Can someone help me with this? Thanks. engineReplaceCOL(countrys_5, ID); engineReplaceCOL(countryw_1, ID); engineReplaceCOL(countryw_8, ID); engineReplaceCOL(procobj, ID); engineReplaceCOL(vegepart, ID); engineReplaceCOL(sfe_6, ID); engineReplaceCOL(sfn_1, ID); engineReplaceCOL(sfn_2, ID); engineReplaceCOL(sfs_1, ID); engineReplaceCOL(sfs_4, ID); engineReplaceCOL(sfs_5, ID); engineReplaceCOL(sf
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