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  1. You are my saviour. Thank you very much, now it works! Happy holidays. Hungarian: Köszi szépen, kellemes ünnepeket.
  2. Okay, I moved style up, but... Still not working. <html><head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <style id="theStyle">* { font-size: 95% !important; } .nocolor { font-size: 80% !important; } .right { text-align: right; float: right; background: rgba(124, 197, 118, 0.85); margin-left: 10px !important; } .center { text-align: center; float: center; background: rgba(232, 30, 67, 0.85); margin: 0 auto; } .left { text-align: left; float: left; background: rgba(89, 142, 215, 0.85); margin-right: 10px !important; } .msg { padding: 10px; margin: 10px; }</style> </head>
  3. I can't send more codes this is only what I got. If this code was great I could make more code and I would be able to finish the script. The problem is that is does not look right. The only problem I have right now is with the executeBrowserJavascript, that it does not set the class and the style properly. It does not matter how I change my code, the result is still bad for some reason... Here is the full code for chat.html from CEF window: <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> </head> <style id="theStyle">* { font-size: 95% !important
  4. Hey guys. I want your help. I have a new resource that uses CEF browsers. The problem starts here, i want to use executeBrowserJavascript - and the class is not added to the div's. Code: addEventHandler("onClientBrowserDocumentReady", webBrowser, function () executeBrowserJavascript(webBrowser, "document.getElementById('holder').innerHTML = '<small style=float: left; font-size: 100%;><strong></strong></small><br/>';") executeBrowserJavascript(webBrowser, "document.getElementById('holder').innerHTML = document.getElementById('holder').innerHTML +
  5. So... Here is the code. I call this function once a new player joins into the party. This is client side: function getBlipAttachedTo( thePlayer ) local blips = getElementsByType( "blip" ) for k, theBlip in ipairs( blips ) do if getElementAttachedTo( theBlip ) == thePlayer then return theBlip end end return false end function belepveAGecibe() for k,v in pairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if (getElementData(v, "inPartyOf") == getElementData(localPlayer, "inPartyOf")) then if v ~= localPlayer then
  6. Thanks for the code, but... somehow it still does not work... i tried putting this into a different resource but it still does not get rid of any blips, and it does not output any errors to debugscript
  7. is this for client or for server or both? i tried it on the server side and it did not work, but it didn't give any errors... strange
  8. Hi guys. I have some trouble. I want to get rid of any blips attached to a player, here is the code: addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit",getRootElement(), function() local blip = getBlipAttachedTo(source) if blip then destroyElement(blip) end end ) function getBlipAttachedTo( thePlayer ) local blips = getElementsByType( "blip" ) for k, theBlip in ipairs( blips ) do if getElementAttachedTo( theBlip ) == thePlayer then return theBlip end end return false end What causes the problem? Plea
  9. Got it to work, thread can be closed. The problem was, that I was using a triggerServerEvent function in the "onClientRender" event, and every time the client rendered, the friend list got loaded: triggerServerEvent("loadFriends",localPlayer,localPlayer, getElementData(localPlayer, "acc:id"))
  10. Hey guys. I have a script where I want to draw text inside a "for" loop, and every row after the first one will vibrate. Have a look: Here is the code for this tab (only this tab vibrates): dxDrawText("#ffffffBarátok", sx/2-825/2+300, sy/2-410/2,sx/2-825/2+530, sy/2-410/2 ,tocolor(69,182,254,255), 0.9, RobotoLSized, "center", "center", false, false, false, true) triggerServerEvent("loadFriends",localPlayer,localPlayer, getElementData(localPlayer, "acc:id")) counter = getElementData(localPlayer, "friendCount") if hasElementData(localPlayer, "friendCount") then if (getElementD
  11. There was no problems with this script... function playMySound() local x, y, z = getElementPosition(localPlayer) local sound = playSound3D ("horn.wav", x, y, z) end function stopMySound() local soundoff = stopSound(sound) end function bindTheKeys() unbindKey("h") bindKey("h", "down", playMySound) bindKey("h", "up", stopMySound) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, bindTheKeys) You just missed the EventHandler.
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