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  1. Want a suggestion? Heres one FIX THE -ing CHEATS Your the only ones that can do something about it.. ANY server i go to now contains at least one MODDING SLUT and im -ing sick of it. They completely the game and nothing can be done about it.
  2. sess

    New Mini League

    hmm timezones really fk things up... some of us may have to wake at 4:30AM just to play.. luckily for me its 7:30am which aint that bad.. but for others its really shitty times.. and worse its in the morning.
  3. sess


    what a tool
  4. yes me i have a server, we should get equal pings.. please respond a.s.a.p im not sure how long it'll be up..
  5. ill fight you.. just need a decent fkn server from what weve played so far its 1-1.. be interesting to see what happens with equal pings
  6. sess

    New Mini League

    there he goes again with his big head..... we want to fight now.. but me and deathb were having a one on one before and because he lives in america and i live in australia pings were fucked and it didnt work... Any solution to this for the mini league? We dont want it to be a lag fucked mess where we have to shoot 4 feet infront to hit the person..
  7. sess

    New Mini League

    we might join.. depending on how much time this will consume.. how many matches does each clan have to fight?
  8. *sigh* ok.. we'll play the mta "official" rules... even though they’re so incredibly lame
  9. how bout one on ones.. id love to take you death also.. yeh [R] challenge you.. for the 2nd time
  10. sess


    VCP are the best? What happens if we beat them in a clan war? we become the best? VCP, [R]. CHALLENGES YOU TO A CLAN WAR reach me on the http://www.rogue-clan.tk forums..... or just post here .. i look forward to your reply.
  11. Oh damn lol.. wasnt when i posted that. Can we have the porn studio then?
  12. Ok.. Ok the convo was sent to me from.. someone.. not saying who. Anyway when i read it i firstly looked at the sniper hating me bit.. then kept reading and from the convo it looked like yetika were going to use a trainer in a war against PiG and then probably later a war against [R]. I sent the file to a few other [R] members wondering what to do.. i told each member keep it the fuck quiet just incase it wasn’t what it seemed since there was so little of the convo... One of the members however.. decided to disobey and decided to send the log to Pusher saying they were going to use the tr
  13. and ill show you mine? lol.. get over it.. you lost.. its over now.. no need to keep bsing on
  14. uhh.... they were there from the start..
  15. Yeh it was a great game. There were lots of d/c's but we were able to figure out what the total score was through the log. Which was Ratez you counted wrong.. lol [R]: 31 VcXs: 22 Another Victory to [R]. This is the end score SS. Although most of these scores are half and 2 of VcXs members are missing cause i think they were timed out at the time How do i make this game in the ladder? -[R].- [R].SesS killed VcXs. oX. [R].SesS killed VcXs. Scrad. [R].SesS killed VcXs. Raven. [R].SesS killed VcXs. Ratez^. [R].SesS killed VcXs. oX. [R].SesS killed VcXs. Raven. [R].SesS killed VcXs. Sc
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