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  1. The image is using two color channels, one red and one green. The red one is slightly different from the green one. I modified a few things and made 3 images, one that uses the red channel, one that uses the green channel and another one that uses the red channel and the image from the green channel on the blue channel. The last image is able to be transformed into a stereo sound file, but it doesn't make much difference. I also transformed them into sound files using Bitmaps & Waves with the following configurations: Block size 512, Range 60, Sampling 44100 and Transpose 0. The single channel audio files has less noise
  2. I just loved it. Really awesome indeed. RAWR I want it
  3. I have(had) the game, too many bugs and the worst one is the god damn problem with the memory leak, it stops loading the god damn map... R* failed with GTA IV for PC
  4. I'm hosting the images for robhol, use these links please. If you have any problems with these links tell me Dynamic Image: Just use this link = Static Images: Edit: Updated new pictures
  5. Slideshows are a bad idea. Making a rotator in PHP would be better. I'm gonna make a script for it, don't worry haha! Just need a web host...
  6. MTA Ten Commandments: 1. You shall have no other Mods but me. 2. You shall not bow down to SA-MP or worship it. 3. You shall not misuse the name of the MTA your Mod. 4. You shall remember and keep 2003 as a holy year. 5. Respect your scripter and hoster. 6. You must not hack. 7. You must not DDOS. 8. You must not exploit. 9. You must not give false evidence against another player. 10. You must not be envious of other player's skills. Getting on-topic, nice one robhol!