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    It's your windows problem you need reinstall windows and make sure when installing there will be a file with Kernel and Kernel32.dll Or try Download this fail and install without reinstalling windows. Sry english I hope i helped
  2. Can we see screenshots ? like inventory other things And i really like mysteries like bandits in ship something really interesting.
  3. Sorry for my bad english Requesting for alpha key I really love survival games like rust , minecraft , other survival games of course huge exp with mta dayz I really wanna play rust in MTA SA because first time i have see MTA rust And it's really interesting to test your server play of course And really really wanna alpha key:( i can't wait until release full i wanna see atleast alpha P.S Is there any way to help you ? speed up the progress of dev rust ? like donating or something We really wanna get alpha key we all waiting for this moment when server gonna release 100 Procent and official open I don't wanna be to suspicious but when you gonna release Beta version of RustMTA ? And question for you 2 in mta rust gonna be first person vision ?