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  1. If you are looking for an advanced freeroam server look no further come on down to Advanced Pro Gaming (APG). We are currently almost complete with our server it has a few minor bugs here and there easy to fix but players do not suffer from this our ip is mtasa:// only found on MTA platforms. Scripts: Headshot system LVL and Emblem system Real Cars Events such as races and parkour Safezones and Bases Just to list a few but we have so many more scripts for players to enjoy and yes the server is hosted so you can enjoy it for hours and hours just come and see for yourself!
  2. Badboysteve


    Hi am looking for a script that is a custom damage modifier instead of the original gta sa weapons i want to change the range of guns damage and also accuracy and max clip a gun can hold is that possible?
  3. i was looking for this to but i dont know how to lol
  4. am in need of help check out my server if you see this dude tell me what you think i have some scripts that might help you as well
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    Unbearable Lag

    Turn all ur stats to the lowest
  6. Wait till I get on my laptop I'll script one for you