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  1. Falcon402

    [LF] DX Draw Library [Paid]

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can create a custom DX Draw Library for me. This will be a high paid job, if you are interested please PM me on forums. Thanks
  2. I'm currently looking for a developer who can help me create some RPG Scripts. Currently In progress of launching my own server and just need a couple of scripts to complete this project. The scripts aren't complicated, just simple scripts. I can't do it myself cause I don't know scripting in lua. This is a paid job, you can earn anywhere from $20-40 a month (You could also receive bonuses depending on how productive you are). If you are interested, please PM me on forums.
  3. Falcon402

    [LF] Developer and Staff [Paid/Unpaid]

    Name : Brian Age : 19 years old Nationality : American GMT : UTC - 5 How long you been playing MTA:SA : I'd say it's been 4 years. Have you ever been a developer or a staff? : Yes, I've been a staff member before. I've been an HQ on two servers that are now closed due to inactivity and I've been a member of the support team on a server that I no longer play on. What languages you can speak? : I speak English fluently and I've taken some Spanish classes during my High School years. What skills do you have? : I can offer a mature, active and loyal member to the Staff team. I have great English skills, I'm easily contactable on MTA Forums and Discord. Usually when I'm not home I have discord open on my phone and people can still be in touch with me. How do you describe yourself? : I am a mature, patience and thoughtful player who tends to help everyone as much as I can within my abilities. What do you think about being a member of a team? : I am a great team player, I try my best to get along with everyone. I'm good at listening to what others have to say. Moreover, I try till my very last to solve someone’s problem. I have lots of free time and I’m able to assist others. I try to come up with effective solutions. Tell us anything you want to say : As I stated above, my name is Brian and I'm 19 years old. I currently live in New York. I will be pursuing Computer Engineering as my major. To kill time, I like to work on repairing/building computers.
  4. Falcon402

    [LF]Mapper [Non-Paid]

    I'm looking for a mapper who can map a base for me in a location at LS. Right now it's Non-Paid but based on your previous work, I might offer some money. Contact me via Pm if interested.
  5. When I say this guy can script, I mean he really can script. Got 5 scripts from him and I am completely satisfied with the result. Offered real time debugging and fixed any bug that showed up.
  6. Falcon402

    [Help]Login Panel transition

    Hello there, Today I downloaded a Login panel from the Community System. My question is, does anyone know how to blackout the screen or freeze it when a player joins the server until the download is complete? For example, Once someone joins my server they are able to play/run around while the resources are being downloaded. I was wondering if we could blackout the screen and the player can't move until the resources are done downloading and then transition to the login panel. Any feedback will greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Falcon402.