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  1. i dont mean F11 map .. i mean the game map or world how ever you call it
  2. about toggleControl("radar", false) where should i writh this ??
  3. Hi Guys Iam Make A Dayz Server In Mta And i Was Want To Ask If Its Possible To Change The Map What i Mean Is .. : Insted Of San Andreas Map \ Lv\Ls\Sf And The Rest .. I Can Make New Map Like Gta V Map Or Other Countrey Maps Thnx For Who Ever Help Me
  4. i just want to say ty for the help bro <3 really
  5. Thare Is Maybe Free Hosting For Mta Server ? O_o
  6. it dosent work i dont want to make you head hurt becus of me gate open only by group members dosent work can you just help me know how to make a base protection ? ( only group member can go near
  7. ok i will try and really thanks for the help bro
  8. i made the big marker around my base now i got the gate script its like that brama = createObject ( 16773, -2046.6999511719,-102,38.200000762939 ) garaz = createObject ( 8240, -16.39999961853, 2438.3000488281, 28.89999961853 ) function bo() moveObject (brama, 1200,-2046.6999511719,-102,38.200000762939) end addCommandHandler("sf1", bo) function bc() moveObject (brama, 3500,-2046.6999511719,-102,2) end addCommandHandler("sf", bc) iam not very good at english i know type but i dont know read as well as you .. can you tell me where to add the stuff you told me please ? and i will do this ?
  9. i need help in 2 things 1 : base protection : that only group members can go near the base Please help me with this 2 : only group member or admin can open the gate for admin i use this : if isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)), aclGetGroup("Admin")) then but when iam do the code in the console it says [10:16:59] WARNING: raced4\Hangar.lua:15: Bad argument @ 'getPlayerAccount' [Exp ected element at argument 1, got nil] [10:16:59] WARNING: raced4\Hangar.lua:15: Bad argument @ 'getAccountName' [Expec ted account at argument 1, got boolean] [10:16:59] ERROR: raced4\Hangar.lua:15: attempt to concatenate a boolean value Please Help
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