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  1. Hello Players go through a period of boredom because of the lack of servers with a new system. My idea is based on this principle. It is for the administration to do huge competitions, where this competition is between teams, and each team must create a server with a new system. Where the team is given a specific range, after which each server is checked and the winner is determined. After determining the winner, a topic is posted on the forum about the winner, and an advertisement is made that appears to the player when he enters the game that contains the server’s opening date. This idea encourages programmers to work and create, because most programmers do not create their own server because there is no support for the server on the players ’side. And all thanks to you.
  2. تقدر , موجود بالصورة , انشاء اوبجكت
  3. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته حبيت أعرض مودي لكم , مسويه زمآن .. المود : تقدر تسوي مسابقات للاعبين وكذا .. طبعاً مو كل شيء مصوره , المهم .. الي عندي أفكار يحطها وشكراً للجميع ..
  4. Hello .. I have a suggestion, which is to merge the SAMP game with MTA SA. The two games will gain many benefits: 1- Increasing the number of players. 2- Take advantage of the advantages of each game. 3- Programmers can program the game in both languages.
  5. the question: Did he make a character without a head and replace it with another character and then stick a head to the character? Or did he hide the character and then create an object as a character and stick it to the hidden character? @Tut
  6. ^iiEcoo'x_)


    Hi, I have a question. In this video, did he create a new Object? , And did he stick the objet or replace it with skin ?.. because he is my friend designer (Object), and he will design faces for me, and I want to know if he sticks the face and body, and whether the body was complete or a part of the legs and hands https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEIDWim5CXIhMv5bNR6fi7A
  7. في لعبة زي هذي ؟ نبرمج فيها وهيك ..