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  1. CruzerGq

    Report community resources here!

    Orjinal: Delete: DONE (also banned & deleted all of his resources; he keeps ban-evading to upload copied and stolen resources..)
  2. CruzerGq

    [Help] Rank System

    Hi all. I'm doing a rank system but it stays in the player's rank rutbe system visitors. The script scoreaboard. What is the fault of ? function ranks() for _,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local getdatax = getElementData( player,"points" ) if getdatax 1000 then setElementData(player,"Rank","Novice") elseif getdatax >= 10000 then setElementData(player,"Rank","Rookie") elseif getdatax >= 100000 then setElementData(player,"Rank","Active") elseif getdatax >= 1000000 then setElementData(player,"Rank","Scholar") elseif getdatax >= 10000000 then setElementData(player,"Rank","Master") end end end setTimer(ranks,500,0)
  3. CruzerGq

    [SHOW]Road And Ramp Panel

    Today I present to you my path and I would like to share the images panel of the ramp In an error in any way! Scripttin Features 1-way off, setting can be adjusted from the comand and panel bind. 2-you can see the selected path in the Panel and pad in advance. 3-Server from a path and specify the authorities ramp panel can be used to turn on and off players 4-rykapat command with the path and can shut down the ramp Screenshots If anyone wants this script can reach from this skype me : cruzergq
  4. CruzerGq

    [HELP]Vehicle Paint

    who knows yet ?
  5. CruzerGq

    [HELP]Vehicle Paint

    How it is applied only to selected players ? I could not do
  6. CruzerGq

    [HELP]Vehicle Paint